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Technical Analysis for the Trading Professional
ISBN: 0070120625     Date Published: 1999-03-31     Author(s): Constance Brown
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`There are fifteen major breakthroughs in technical analysis! SEVEN of these breakthroughs are new, never-before-revealed material!` - George Lane, Stochastics Originator. As professional traders approach the 21st century, accelerating technological change threatens to make conventional technical studies and indicators ineffective. To compete in this changing environment, these professionals need radical new uses and combinations of indicators and formulas to keep their competitive edge. Not a primer for the novice, TECHNICAL ANALYSIS FOR THE TRADING PROFESSIONAL resets the scales, arming today`s professional trader with new, unique, and never-before-seen formulas and uses of key market indicators and techniques.
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A Teaser Not a Pleaser, August 26, 2000 By A Customer Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Technical Analysis for the Trading Professional (Hardcover) This book promises to take you into the Promised Land of traderdom but leaves you in the desert. It's up to you to find the water. The author may give you some pointers as to where you might find it but you may easily die of thirst trying to get there. At best, this an introduction to the author's trading methodology. It broadly covers her different techniques: Elliot Wave used in conjunction with oscillators, Fibonacci price projections and retracements, Gann time and price analysis, reverse engineering of indicators to project price. Sounds good doesn't it? Well don't hold your breath. The author keeps the secret of the Holy Grail to herself. If you want the answers, you will have to take her seminars or subscribe to her service. Just to give you a sense of what I mean: One chapter is entitled "Price Projections by Reverse-Engineering Indicators". You get four pages of excruciating detail on how to export into excel, but when it...
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Dance of the 52, or is it 144 veils, April 3, 2001 By A Customer This review is from: Technical Analysis for the Trading Professional (Hardcover) As a coda to the reviewer from Beverly Hills, whose points I endorse in full, I would like to highlight the sheer intellectual dishonesty of this book - even the details she reveals are fraudulent and downright silly.If you have any doubt of this, study Chapter 4 on interpreting charts. Her solution to the problem of how to connect 9 points on a chart with 4 straight continuous trend lines draws a single line through 4 chart points. In Chapter 9, her discussion on Gann approaches to time stresses that "it is important for you to see that Gann does not create charts with excessive meaningless lines when the vibration point for a specific market is understood". She provides exactly that: a chart with excessive meaningless lines and an illegible time scale.Once the irritation of wasting forty bucks on this dross has passed, one begins to feel sorry for an author who has to tell her readership on every other page about her magic conversion factors that she's not prepared to reveal...
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Don't waste your $ - this book is a joke on the public, July 26, 2001 By A Customer This review is from: Technical Analysis for the Trading Professional (Hardcover) The author has little of any practical use to offer - that is if your intent is to make money in the stock market. If studying movements of stock prices with convoluted formulas after the fact fascinates you, then this is your book. Of course one can tell what the stock price did after the fact without the benefit of complicated formulas.I've seen some works of mental masturbation, but this one takes the grand prize. Amazing how one with a little grasp of mathematics and an enormously inflated ego can bambozzle their employer into paying them a salary. Then you can write a book and bambozzle the public into paying good money for fluff. If you do it on company time, that probably makes you an authority on technical stock analysis, by default. Now that's Chutzpah! There are many books which explain essentially the same techniques, but without the mysticism, wordiness and deliberate obfuscation to make it seem more "technical and hard to master". Besides, concise...
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