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Managing Risk in the Foreign Exchange, Money and Derivative Markets
ISBN: 0070526737     Date Published: 1998-09-01     Author(s): Heinz Riehl
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Editorial Review - Book Description:

A professional`s guide to controlling risk when investing in the foreign exchange and money markets. Particular emphasis on the use of derivatives. The book offers a unique perspective combining coverage of all three areas.

From the Back Cover
In praise of Managing Risk in the Foreign Exchange, Money, and Derivative Markets. "Heinz is a true master in explaining risk management. He taught me Zenlike insights into global market risks. This book gives others the opportunity to benefit from his unique style and years of experience."--Andrew Sheng, Deputy Chief Executive, Hong Kong Monetary Authority. "A clear and thorough explanation of risk management made simple and easy to understand through extensive use of analogies. The topics covered are practical, dealing with real-life situations arising in the financial markets. Highly recommended!"--Michael E. deSa, Head of Global Foreign Exchange, Deutsche Bank. "Heinz Riehl is that exceptional expert practitioner who can actually explain what he does in a clear, straightforward way that is both informative and engaging. This book will be a valuable resource not only for those who initiate financial transactions, but also for those in the public and private sector who must supervise them."--Dr. Richard Herring, Vice Dean, Wharton School. "Heinz Riehl is one of the world`s leading authorities on risk management. In this book, Mr. Riehl gives his readers a better understanding of the risks contained in the portfolios of financial institutions. He provides the tools necessary to better understand and manage risk. This book should be read by everyone who is involved with or interested in a better understanding of the management of financial products. It will quickly become required reading by market participants."--David W. Puth, Managing Director, Foreign Exchange and Derivatives, The Chase Manhattan Bank.
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