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The Compleat Day Trader II (Compleat Day Trader)
ISBN: 0070945012     Date Published: 1998-07-01     Author(s): Jake Bernstein
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The Compleat Day Trader II picks up where the Compleat Day Trader left off. Bernstein provides new trading strategies and techniques soecifically designed for the new breed of intuitive" traders, who create their own system, customized for their own trading styles and areas of effectiveness. The Compleat Day Trader II includes the most up to date strategies and systems for seizing hold of day trading success, including: A separate chapter detailing each system and method; Indicator formulas and system codes; The psychology of day trading.
The Compleat Day Trader II builds on the ideas presented in Bernstein`s first day-trading book, The Compleat Day Trader. This time around, Bernstein focuses on more advanced trading systems and places particular emphasis on the importance of self-discipline in day trading, and he zeros in on the best futures markets to trade, including the S&P 500, Treasury bonds, and European currencies. He peppers the book with cautions about the difficulties of day trading, saying, for example:
The bad news is that it`s getting harder and harder to win as the markets become more competitive and as insiders grab onto opportunities before the general public has had a chance to do so. Fortunately, the basic rules of profitable futures trading still apply. Therefore, if you follow the rules, you will improve your odds of success, even though they may be less than they would have been 15 years ago.
The lure of making a living--if not a fortune--on the daily ups and downs of the stock and commodity markets has drawn thousands into this high-stakes game. Just how many profitable day traders there are is impossible to gauge, but judging from message boards and articles in the financial press, it`s a safe bet that lots of people lose lots of money. Reading both The Compleat Day Trader and The Compleat Day Trader II should you bring you to the conclusion that while profitable day trading is possible, it requires more than just a passing interest. Proceed with caution. --Harry C. Edwards
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Filler Galore But Not Much More, January 12, 2003 ByTommy Lee Morris (Portland, Oregon) - See all my reviews This review is from: The Compleat Day Trader II (v. 2) (Hardcover) I feel that Day Tader II is really a rip-off as it basically just reguritates most of the material found in volume one. THIS is typical Bernstein -- the goal is dollars from book sales, not educating the reader. Mr. Bernstein does not respect his readers, and this is the sad part because he obviously is a highly intelligent man who probably could contribute a lot to the field of daytrading education if he weren't so needy and greedy. I wouldn't go so far as to call him "Jake the Snake", but I do think he should put more care into the content of his books.
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The best day trading book I have found!, August 21, 1999 By A Customer This review is from: The Compleat Day Trader II (v. 2) (Hardcover) Bernstein has another excellent book. He reviews the tactics taught in Compleat Day Trader I and then goes on to elucidate a number of more advanced topics that, like his other systems, give very clear entry and exit points and therefore help to minimize the risk.Jake also again warns of the risks of day trading and shows the importance of developing one's own rules and consistently following them in order to avoid making costly mistakes.I also cannot help but be impressed with an author who plainly states that he is willing to help his readers, provides a means for his readers to contact him, and then actually makes good this statement. I had some difficulty with one of the trading systems Jake presented because the charting program I was using had a mind of its own. While the manufacturer couldn't help me to clear things up, Jake went out of his way e-mailing and faxing me to help work through my system problems, even though the problem has nothing to do with...
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Bernstein should offer book of the month!!, December 19, 2002 By A Customer This review is from: The Compleat Day Trader II (v. 2) (Hardcover) Mr. Bernstein writes a book almost every month. He certainly is a prolific writer--my question is when does he have time to trade??
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