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Strategies for the Electronic Futures Trader
ISBN: 0071352325     Date Published: 1999-12-30     Author(s): Jake Bernstein, Jacob Bernstein
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256 Pages
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Breakthrough strategies for trading futures--on-line! Futures traders are leaving the pits and phones behind to trade on-line. In The Electronic Futures Trader, legendary trader and author Jake Bernstein reveals the winning strategies and techniques traders will need to bolster their trading fortunes--via the new and efficient electronic trading systems. Bernstein introduces a wide range of trading strategies designed especially for electronically trading the futures markets. Covering everything from beans and cattle to currencies, bonds, and stock indices, he discusses: nine new trading systems expalined in step-by-step detail; techniques for breakout, trend following, and market pattern systems; the role of artificial intelligence and neural networks in electronic trading`s future.
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A Waste of Money - <1 Star, December 26, 2000 ByJD Schaefer (San Rafael, Ca USA) - See all my reviews This review is from: Strategies for the Electronic Futures Trader (Hardcover) This book looks just like a compilation of the "author's" position trading books but with editing to put in the words "day trading" where "position trading" used to be. There's no other difference. The only potentially useful info to a newbie was about monitoring the first 30 minutes to try to determine the direction of the day. However, everyone has been doing that for years and most websites suggest it, without charging. Who doesn't know what an oscillator divergence is? That's not a system and while a valid indicator for some trading styles, is certainly not unique to day trading. Mr. Bernstein was reportedly run off tv with his infomercials that made claims the government stated he couldn't back up. Put his name in a search engine to see what others say about him. If you want to get your money's worth, read whatever Larry Williams' latest book is. He'll show you his brokerage records, Mr. Bernstein won't. 'Nuff said.
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Strategies for the Electronic Futures Trader, February 7, 2000 BySteve Pogwizd (Colorado) - See all my reviews This review is from: Strategies for the Electronic Futures Trader (Hardcover) After trading the commodity markets for 9 years it was once again an enlighting experience to both review solid discipline trading rules along with new and more importantly, proven trading strategies from Mr. Bernstein. He finds a way to combine the information in his books to be valuable to both a novice or a veteran trader.
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..., May 27, 2003 By A Customer This review is from: Strategies for the Electronic Futures Trader (Hardcover) This is my first exposure to a Jake Bernstein book and I've read many mixed things about him. Well, after reading most of this book .. I'm glad i now have my own opinions.This book appears to be written for a total beginner futures trader lemming, just waiting to blow out their account. There is absolutely no substance in this book, nothing to be learned and filled with verbose junk about indicators, patterns and psychology -- typical in most books. Jake provides numerous so called "backtests" of various indicator settings with variable moving averages. Every single system has different settings - which is such an obvious sign of curve fitting. The only thing I saw of some value was the 3 period high and low moving averages to serve as channels of support and resistance .. which a trader may be able to modify into something usable, since Jake's version is taught improperly. I checked this book out from the library and I still feel I got ripped off .. and it was free.
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