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Inside Technology Stocks The Secrets to Investing in Todays Hottest Companies
ISBN: 0071359842     Date Published: 2001-08-14     Author(s): Bruce Wells
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200 Pages
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Editorial Review - Book Description:

Technology stocks represent the future of business and are today`s major market-movers. But how can an investor uncover the next Intel? Inside Technology Stocks explains how to understand and analyze the forces that move this high-stakes sector, make the best choices to lock in investing profits--then move with authority to protect those profits.

Investors will learn the different types of high-tech stocks--Internet, biotech, hardware and software manufacturers, communications, and electronics--and how to determine which are poised for dramatic upturns. Investors looking to get in on the hottest sector of today`s volatile market will get:

*Future trends and expectations of tech stocks
*Practical ways to conduct effective research
*Interviews with top technology sector experts

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