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Starting Out in Futures Trading
ISBN: 0071363904     Date Published: 2001-01-24     Author(s): Mark Powers
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Editorial Review - Book Description:
One of the best-known futures traders explains how to trade for profit in today`s global futures marketplace

Look into the bookcase of any successful futures trader, and odds are you’ll find a worn, well-used copy of Mark Powers’s Starting Out In Futures Trading. In this new edition—the best-selling book’s first update since 1993—Powers reflects on the many new forces that are shaping the industry. From new rules and regulations to the emergence of electronic trading and the Internet, Powers’s unquestioned knowledge and experience cover all the key basics in the world of futures trading—and show traders from novice to veteran how to profit in that world.

The perfect starting point for a new trader, and a valuable refresher for anyone, Starting Out In Futures Trading, Sixth Edition, covers:
  • How to choose a broker and place an order
  • The increased importance of stock indices
  • New research, rules, and regulations
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Good Content / Great Value, July 2, 1999 By A Customer This review is from: Starting Out in Futures Trading (Paperback) For the price this is a great book to learn and help understand the specifics that make up all the basics in trading commodity-futures. After reading this book, I felt as if I had taken a formal college course on the subject of Futures and understood it much better from various angles now. There's no "hype" in the book, no agendas, no further products or services to buy being pitched to you, just plain vanilla (ok, french vanilla) basics being laid out for you in textbook fashion for you to digest in your own terms. I like that - it's refreshing in a way. It is probably like this because it was really written 20+ years ago (don't worry, it's been revised many times to be modernized - 5th edition, 1993). The book was originally written and printed in "Commodities" magazine as a popular mini-course series (before the magazine changed it's name to the modern "Futures" magazine we know it as today). Even though I knew much of the content from...
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Very Good Information, July 29, 2009 ByBrian D. Kelley "HowToMake100PerDaydotcom" (Durham, NC USA) - See all my reviews This review is from: Starting Out in Futures Trading (Paperback) This is a good book for the basics of futures trading. It has a lot of the basic terms and information you need to get a quick edge in trading. Will it be the last and only book you buy on futures? Probably not! This is a good start that will peak your curiousity. I recommend it.
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Buy the updated version!!, May 11, 2001 ByJavier Dominguez (New York, NY USA) - See all my reviews This review is from: Starting Out in Futures Trading (Paperback) Please note: This review refers to the 1991 edition. It is a good book, but this edition is plagued with typos, and mistakes in at least one chart. Don't make the same mistake I did; buy the last edition (I bought mine on the store with very little time ...) I haven't had the chance to check out the latest version (Starting Out in Futures Trading), my guess is that it's corrected and updated. About his writing, I like the fact that he mixes personal experience with academic and corporate studies about the market. I think the book becomes very useful that way.
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