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The Electronic Day Trader Successful Strategies for On-line Trading
ISBN: 0071364285     Date Published: 2000-08-24     Author(s): George West
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Editorial Review - Book Description:
In 1998, McGraw-Hill’s The Electronic Day Trader became a worldwide phenomenon—and spent months on the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, and New York Times bestseller lists. Now, this new paperback edition revisits the hardcover edition’s electronic day trading techniques and mechanics, and adds a new introduction discussing today’s evolving electronic day trading environment.

The Electronic Day Trader continues to give the reader a firsthand, no-holds-barred introduction to the world of electronic trading. The authors—accomplished veterans in this hot field—share trading philosophies and strategies that include:
• Workings of the various electronic order entry systems
• Effective trading techniques based on technical analysis
• All-important psychological aspects of day trading

Marc Friedfertig and George West (New York, NY) wrote Electronic Day Traders’ Secrets, and offer seminars on electronic day trading. Friedfertig is a registered principal for Broadway Trading. He formerly traded index futures with the New York Futures Exchange. West is the president of Broadway Consulting Group.
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essentially obsolete, May 6, 2001 By A Customer This review is from: The Electronic Day Trader: Successful Strategies for On-line Trading (Hardcover) This book is essentially obsolete just three years after its publication. Stocks are now traded in decimals, and the spreads on heavily traded stocks are now almost nonexistent, sometimes being less than one cent a share. Consequently, you can forget about any of the strategies or information regarding "pocketing the spread", "getting between the spread", etc. With the proliferation of ECN trading, the influence of the market makers in a stock has been markedly reduced. In a stock that trades 80 million shares per day, a market maker with a 100,000 share block is not going to be able to move the stock significantly, and ECN trading can overwhelm his influence. Likewise, information gleaned from the Level II screen, while still useful if one knows what to look for, is no longer the Holy Grail. Also, day trading firms, like the authors' "Broadway Trading" are on the way to extinction, now that some big online brokers offer direct-access trades for...
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Sometimes Difficult To Follow...But Some Useful Information, December 25, 1999 By A Customer This review is from: The Electronic Day Trader: Successful Strategies for On-line Trading (Hardcover) Although the writers clearly understand the subject matter well, conveying the information in easy to understand language is sorely lacking throughout much of the book. It is difficult to figure out exactly who the authors intended the audience of this book to be, as some sections seem to be written only for highly knowledgeable and experienced traders, but other sections are down to earth and offer clear understandable concepts. Most of the book is not really for the novice.Basically, I didn't get as much as I wanted from the book, but I know more than when I started reading it.
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Good Rulebook, Look for a Good Playbook to Complement It, December 17, 1999 ByDT (Santa Monica, CA) - See all my reviews This review is from: The Electronic Day Trader: Successful Strategies for On-line Trading (Hardcover) As a relative newcomer to trading, I find that The Electronic Day Trader does an excellent job of filling in a lot of holes in my understanding of who the players are and what the playing field looks like in the trading world, particularly the world of day trading. It was a quick read and also serves me well as a reference book for the stock market. This book emphasizes what I believe to be the most important lesson of successful trading: a strong commitment to money management principles. The best books on trading that I have read make a point of punctuating this point as a key to successful trading. I recommend this book to anyone who needs a RULEBOOK to help learn what you need to know to trade. If anyone needs a good PLAYBOOK of successful trading strategies, take a look at Cooper's Hit and Run Trading. It stresses a lot of momentum based strategies that are laid out in a simple, step-by-step approach. These two books have made me a happy trading camper!
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