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Technicians Guide to Day and Swing Trading
ISBN: 0071384006     Date Published: 2002-08-26     Author(s): Martin J. Pring
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McGraw-Hill`s Martin Pring on Technical Analysis series introduced individual investors to the value and legitimacy of technical analysis­­helped by the worldrenowned Martin Pring brand. Each book focuses on explaining and demonstrating one of the key tools of technical analysis, while the interactive CD-ROM/workbook format helps traders develop their technical analysis skills.

The Martin Pring on Technical Analysis series is a compelling new chapter in supplying accurate, timely information to technical traders everywhere while, at the same time, introducing traders to the foundations and proven methods of technical analysis.

Today`s volatile markets are tailor-made for day and swing traders, who are realizing that the disciplines and precision of technical analysis are the ideal fit for this high-pressure, analytically rigorous form of trading. Technician`s Guide to Day and Swing Trading is a complete handbook for day and swing traders looking to improve their understanding of market dynamics, uncover securities with the highest probability of substantial, near-term price movement, and then select profitable entry and exit points with greater precision than that afforded by fundamental analysis alone.
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Excellent introductory book, January 24, 2004 Bymagellan (Santa Clara, CA) - See all my reviews This review is from: Technician's Guide to Day and Swing Trading (Paperback) Whatever one thinks of technical analysis, even a died-in-the-wool fundamental and value investor trembles at the thought of going against the famous "head-and-shoulders" pattern. This book will give you an excellent background in the basics without overwhelming you with a lot of technical detail. The book discusses everything from moving averages and Bollinger Bands to oscillators such as relative strength, MACD (moving average convergence-divergence), ROC (rate of change), the parabolic indicator, and Pring's own proprietary KST indicator, and so on. Also, the included CD contains a four-hour video presentation on the most important topics. Pring says in the introduction that, in contrast to most CDs in books, which are throw-aways, the CD is actually the most important thing and the book is the "throw-away." In any case, there is a lot of value and information here between the book and the CD and overall this is a fine book to get you to the next level in terms of your trading...
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Combination Book & Video Presentation, July 19, 2004 ByJOE G. RODRIGUEZ (Colorado, USA) - See all my reviews This review is from: Technician's Guide to Day and Swing Trading (Paperback) The "Technician's Guide To Day & Swing Trading" by Martin J. Pring has a great CD presentation. The CD presentation covers the same information in the book chapter by chapter. I found the CD presentation much easier to understand than reading the book. The book combines technical indicators with tips for day and swing trading under different market conditions. Overall, I would highly recommend this combination book and CD to anyone that wants to make money in the stock market. From my own experience, the material sets reasonable expectations and does not make false claims on making easy money in the stock market over a sustained period of time.
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Excellent Primer on Technical Analysis, September 27, 2009 ByJohn Parkinson "Snaggle Tooth" (Kansas City) - See all my reviews This review is from: Technician's Guide to Day and Swing Trading (Paperback) This book is an excellent introductory guide to technical analysis. It's surprisingly easy to read and interesting considering the subject matter could easily be made dry and boring. I read it over the weekened. I enjoyed the CD which comes with the book and includes movies and presentations. I read one review that said this information was all available on the Internet. Well that may true, but I would rather not waste my time searching through hundreds of websites trying to educate myself on this subject (Reminds me of the Microsoft Bing commercials). Plus Martin Pring has been recognized as one of the experts in this area. I found the book to be very focused, and in a short period of time I was able to concentrate on the subject of technical analysis and get a great framework to help me make better timing decisions when looking at charts. I am using this information with my trading decisions, and it's been very useful. I would also recommend looking at the Chicago Board of...
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