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Secrets of the Undergroundtrader
ISBN: 0071417370     Date Published: 2003-08-18     Author(s): Jea Yu, Russell Lockhart
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288 Pages
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Editorial Review - Book Description:

Swing trading tips and techniques from Forbes`s "Best of the Web" for 2000, 2001, and 2002

Short-term and swing trading has become the strategy of choice for active, aggressive traders and investors. Secrets of the Undergroundtrader details the advanced methods today`s most successful traders live by, from stochastics and candlesticks to 3-price breaks, volatility signals, and more.

Each of these methods is tested daily in the trenches and is designed to allow traders to more accurately time entry and exit points in bull, bear, and nontrending markets. The authors open by explaining how the methods work and then provide step-by-step directions so traders can:

  • Learn and become comfortable with the method
  • Implement the method in the heat of trading
  • Manage the method both mentally and physically

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Text presents and explains the advanced methods that today`s most successful traders are using to increase their success in bull, bear, or non-trending markets. DLC: Electronic trading of securities.
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2 Books in One, July 20, 2004 Bybok "bokster" (Singapore) - See all my reviews This review is from: Secrets of the Undergroundtrader (Hardcover) this book is written by 2 persons, and is split into 2 very different sections. the first section is written by Yu, founder of the it is 168 pages long. Yu's style is straight to the point. he starts by describing why he has needs for certain indicators, then describe its use. doing so one by one, he introduces the entire arsenal of indicators that he uses for 'successful trading'. after this, he would show you how to trade using these indicators. very detailed descriptions and very informative. the only fault is the lack of graphics, so that you may need to use more imagination to understand what he has so aptly described. he has also detailed how scalpers or swing traders could make use of his methods. everything is very well written and detailed. this section ends off with one chapter called "putting it all together: a sample week of trades" which is self explainatory. the second section is...
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required reading, September 9, 2003 ByMatthew B. Nutial (North Canton, OH United States) - See all my reviews This review is from: Secrets of the Undergroundtrader (Hardcover) This book ought to be required reading to anyone who is or desires to be a day trader. I have read over 70 books since I started trading and this is by far the best. No matter what your experience level or trading style, Jay, Ral, Luke and John are crack teachers. If these guys can't teach you to trade, you may want to consider a new career. ~
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Not a good book at all, save your money, July 11, 2004 By A Customer This review is from: Secrets of the Undergroundtrader (Hardcover) The reviews were obviously written by the writers or their friends. Buy Trading for a Living by Dr. Elder, and High Probability Trading by Marcel Link. These are the best 2 books I've read out of 35 books I've read in 12 years of trading. Good Luck.
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