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The Mathematics of Options Trading
ISBN: 0071445285     Date Published: 2005-02-03     Author(s): C.B. Reehl
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The Mathematics of Options Trading shows options traders how to improve their overall trading performance by first understanding and harnessing options mathematics. This detailed manual introduces the math needed to understand options and how they work and provides step-by-step instructions on how to use that math to analyze intended trades before committing capital. Traders learn how to use moving averages, curve fitting, extreme values, skewness, and other techniques to augment trading profits. The valuable accompanying CD-ROM contains programs for analyzing opportunities using several strategies, creating spreadsheets, and more.
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Badly misses its target, February 9, 2007 ByMikey "Mike" - See all my reviews This review is from: The Mathematics of Options Trading (Hardcover) This book fails on so many fronts that space simply wont allow to cover everything. First off, the author commits the crime of not knowing his audience. He assumes that you know nothing about options and very little about math. He then proceeds to bore you in early chapters with math that isn't even required later on. What's the point!? Its not until you get half way through the book that you finally get into the real meat. By then, he's makes a huge leap from reviewing how you add 1 + 1 to suddenly assuming that you know 1st year college calculus all in the matter of 1 chapter. In short, he tries to appeal to all, but misses the mark. I am an engineer, I know math, thats why picked up this book!! Technically, I have many issues. First off, he more or less states that when selling naked puts you shouldn't worry about a move greater than 4 standard deviations because they never happen. Well my friend, although moves such as these do not occur frequently, they do occur often...
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One of the Best, November 30, 2006 ByMatt T (Sydney Australia) - See all my reviews This review is from: The Mathematics of Options Trading (Hardcover) One of the best books on options currently available. Many books when it comes to the mathematics side of options, become very complicated, this is not the case here. It is well set out and easy to understand. Would highly recommend it be the first choice for anyone who is interested in or already trades options and may want a better understanding of the fundamentals.
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Rather Unique, February 8, 2007 ByAmit - See all my reviews This review is from: The Mathematics of Options Trading (Hardcover) If someone is looking for a basic understanding of the probalilistic nature of characterizing options behaviour without having sophisticated mathematical/statistical background this book almost uniquly provides that for you. Found the book's organization and clarity excellent with final set chapters bringing together all the lessons of early learnings very usefully expecially the calculations of the expected results for all common options strategies. One thing the reader needs to be aware of is that this book will not teach you how to trade options - there are much better books out there. After reading this book it will hopefully make you make a better decision on selection of the various options tools / strategies software in marketplace.
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