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Student Solutions Manual for Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives
ISBN: 0132164965     Date Published: 2011-04-29     Author(s): John C. Hull
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Prentice Hall
276 Pages
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(Size-25.5x20cm), Designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice, this book is the top seller among the both the academic audience and derivative practitioners around the world. Building on this standard of excellence with examples and data from India, this edition offers a fresh perspective and derivatives. xxii+841 Yr. of Pub.2011 Paper Back English
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Easy to follow solutions manual, February 3, 2012 Byi888l - See all my reviews Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Student Solutions Manual for Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives (Paperback) I bought this solutions manual to accompany the book. It covers most of the word and mathematical problems in the textbook. The solutions manual solves the problems and explains the solutions in a very easy to follow manner. The only "issue" is that it seems like the text and solutions manual were written by two diffrent people and solve problems using diffrent approaches. It shouldn't be a problem for anyone that has some finance courses under their belt.
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