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Options A Personal Seminar
ISBN: 0136435785     Date Published: 1992-09-11     Author(s): Scott Fullman
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New York Institute of Finance
390 Pages
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Out dated by other newer books, January 12, 2000 By A Customer This review is from: Options: A Personal Seminar (Paperback) I bought the top 5 options books from Amazon and returned 3 of the 5. I kept Fontanills and McMillan as the combination of the two books enabled me to grasp all I needed to know.This books falls short for telling the practical application of how to get started. Wasted too much time on unecessary tuition.If you are going to buy one book on options this is not it:1.If you are a beginner buy Michael C. Thomsett. 2.If you want a practical how to get started and make money in options guide then buy Fontanills 3.If you want all the math and theory buy McMillan's Strategic.Pass on this book. Daniel
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A must for survival in the stock market., March 14, 1997 By A Customer This review is from: Options: A Personal Seminar (Paperback) A simple, no frills explanation of options trading including calls, puts, call and put spreads, combinations, calendar spreads, repair strategies and LEAPS. A few simple techniques can increase your trading profits 20% per year or more. Sell puts against long stock positions. Hedge current investments to protect accumulated profits. Never worry about "bear markets" --- make money going up or down. This book is written in textbook fashion and should be read accordingly. No nonsense or get rich quick schemes here
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Great book for Frequent Options Traders, July 13, 1998 (New York) - See all my reviews This review is from: Options: A Personal Seminar (Paperback) I've purchased several books on trading options and this one is by far the superior book. It offers practical guidelines for choosing a strategy and outlines spreadsheet calculations you can set up to help you evaluate a trade. It also discusses many more topics than other books I've read, such as repair strategies. If you're going to buy one options book, this is it!
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