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Introduction to Derivatives and Risk Management (with Stock-Trak Coupon)
ISBN: 0324601212     Date Published: 2009-08-11     Author(s): Don M. Chance, Roberts Brooks
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Cengage Learning
672 Pages
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Editorial Review - Book Description:
Give your students a solid understanding of financial derivatives and their use in managing the risks of financial decisions with this leading text. Chance/Brooks' AN INTRODUCTION TO DERIVATIVES AND RISK MANAGEMENT, 8E offers an outstanding blend of institutional material, theory, and practical applications. The latest financial information throughout this edition and timely Internet updates on the text's website ensure the material reflects the most recent changes in today's financial world. You'll find detailed, but flexible, coverage of options, futures, forwards, swaps, and risk management as well as a balanced introduction to pricing, trading, and strategy. You can easily address only the topics and chapters that best fit your needs. A variety of practical end-of-chapter applications, memorable examples from real businesses throughout the learning features, and minimal use of technical mathematics keep the text's presentation accessible and engaging. Stock-Trak software, available with each new text, provides additional value and opportunity for practical working experience. Count on this exceptional text to provide the thorough introduction to derivatives and risk management that students need for success in financial business today.
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Understanding Option Theories, October 18, 2001 By A Customer This review is from: An Introduction To Derivatives And Risk Management (Hardcover) This is a wonderful book to have on your shelf for any finance major looking for an understanding of options, futures, and other types of contracts sold in the OTC and exchange markets. The text is fairly easy to follow and provides good examples to help students understand the theories behind option and future markets.However, I do not feel that this book is for just anyone. Without some financial background I think that this book can be difficult to follow. It is hard to understand the mathmatics behind the theories presented in the text. The diskette is also somewhat disappointing as an aid for understanding the material. The disk only gives Excel generated financial models that you find in the book such as the Black-Shcoles pricing model. With a good professor, this is a wonderful aid in constructing a foundation for option investing and pricing. And even giving some of its downfalls I would still recommend buying this book.
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A Must Have, August 9, 2003 ByRavi S. Madapati (California, US) - See all my reviews This review is from: An Introduction to Derivatives and Risk Management with Student CD-ROM (CD-ROM) If you are a student just taken up a course in derivatives or risk management you should have this book. if you find john hull more technical, you have Don Chance who covers options and other derivatives in a greater detail and in more words. everything you want to know about how banks etc have risk mangaement systems in place and market risk instruments is here. in case you want a greater coverage of options and pricing options, you should definatly take a look at Black Scholes and Beyond by Neil Chriss, a work of art.
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Excellent book for concepts, May 9, 2003 By"debdeep15" (Tuscaloosa, Alabama United States) - See all my reviews This review is from: An Introduction To Derivatives And Risk Management (Hardcover) This is an excellent book for non finance majors who would like to grasp the physical concepts behind different derivatives products traded in the OTC markets. The book is ideal for a preperation read for all aspiring to take Financial Engineering / Derivatives as majors in graduate programs.
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