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Leo Melamed: Escape to the Futures
ISBN: 0471112151     Date Published: 1996-05-02     Author(s): Leo Melamed
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Buy this Book, May 26, 1998 ByStuart Roberts ( (Sydney, Australia) - See all my reviews This review is from: Leo Melamed: Escape to the Futures (Hardcover) Commodity Futures have been called "The Last Great Frontier of Capitalism". A characteristic of frontiers is that they produce interesting people. But while we know a good deal about the interesting people in other industries - Bill Gates in software, for example, or Peter Drucker in management consulting - until recently the public has heard little of the human side of the futures business. A few years ago a remarkable book was published by the options trader Jack Ritchie called God in the Pits - Confessions of a Commodities Trader. The book had much to say about author's spiritual journey and little about the financial markets in Chicago, but he described his motivation for writing the book as follows: "...the common stereotype is that integrity and commodities trading go together like Al Capone and Mother Teresa. While they are seldom accurate, neither are common sterotypes completely erroneous".Escape to the Futures goes a long way towards dispelling that...
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