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McMillan on Options
ISBN: 0471119601     Date Published: 1996-10-07     Author(s): Lawrence G. McMillan
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Editorial Review - Book Description:

Acclaim for the definitive guide to options trading—by the nation`s top options expert

"In Options As a Strategic Investment, Lawrence G. McMillan demonstrated that he was without peer as an options strategist and educator. McMillan on Options is an outstanding sequel whose `take-home value` for the reader goes beyond education to include a number of practical option trading approaches and techniques."—Bernard G. Schaeffer, FCAS

President, Investment Research Institute, Inc.

"Lawrence G. McMillan is an options guru par excellence. He tracks increased options volume, which often indicates a big move in the underlying stocks. Absolutely must reading for all day traders."—Yale Hirsch

1997 Stock Trader`s Almanac

"Without a doubt the best options book currently available. McMillan on Options is a must-read for anyone professionally or individually interested in options."—Thomas J. Dorsey President, Dorsey Wright & Associates McMILLAN ON OPTIONS is savvy, streetwise, and always ahead of the investment curve. That`s why results-hungry options traders, institutional investors, and portfolio managers made his Options As a Strategic Investment a bestseller. Now, Lawrence G. McMillan, the country`s top options expert, has written his definitive guide on options trading strategies.

With revealing insights on the predictive power of options, trading systems, and strategies, both short- and long-term investors will appreciate McMillan`s in-depth coverage of:

  • stock, index, and futures options
  • a wide range of strategies—and how they can help you make money
  • numerous case studies, figures, and examples that illustrate key concepts and ideas
  • the methodology of trading, from order entry to data sources
  • the integration of theoretical issues with practical applications of techniques, strategies, and trading methods
  • Illuminated by the author`s personal options philosophy, McMillan on Options is the most up-to-date, innovative, and complete option strategy resource available.
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Exercise your option and buy this book!, June 21, 2001 ByLance Mead (Traverse City MI) - See all my reviews This review is from: McMillan on Options (A Marketplace Book) (Hardcover) As a ROP (registered Options principal) I feel I am uniquely qualified to review this book. First, understand that Larry McMillan is considered by many to be the best options mind on Wall Street (sorry Bernie Schaeffer). His knowledge of this less-than-logical derivative investment is the equivalent of Alan Greenspan’s knowledge of the economy.My assessment: this is a good book. McMillan covers virtually every aspect of options trading: history, terms, strategies, volatility, theoretical approaches, etc. I am particularly impressed by Larry’s use of historical examples to bring complicated strategies down to basic levels.This is not to say this is an easy read. An easy investment read is Peter Lynch’s "One Up on Wall Street". McMillan on Options is more like a doctor’s guide to brain surgery: the pictures are cool but the content can be complicated. Topics covered include spreads (verts, calendar, diagonal), straddles, combos, the greeks (delta, rho,...
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Not for beginners, December 16, 2006 ByCarl F. Mclaren Jr. (Haines City, Florida USA) - See all my reviews Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: McMillan on Options, Second Edition (Wiley Trading) (Hardcover) Some of the negative reviews sounded like they wanted a short book that said "Do the following and you will be very rich very quick". Guess what, that book doesn't exist and will never exist. Options are very useful if used properly but to use them properly you need a deep understanding of risk and the mechanics of options. These concepts are mathematical in nature and so is this book. For a variety of reasons just buying a bunch of options is a suckers game as many have learned, but used to reduce risk as a hedge is a different matter. McMillan's other book Options as a Strategic Investment would be the place to start learning. This advanced text explains many things professionals are doing and gives insight to why the markets behave as they do. If you want to get involved with options you need to understand this book thoroughly.
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Nitty-gritty street smarts for options traders, December 22, 2004 ByDr. Jeffrey O. Katz - See all my reviews This review is from: McMillan on Options (A Marketplace Book) (Hardcover) "McMillan on Options" is a rare kind of book, and one of the very best. Especially revealing are the discussions in Chapter 4, "The Predictive Power of Options", on how certain patterns of option trading volume and implied volatility can be tip-offs to insider activity and sharp moves in the underlying stock, and on how to take practical advantage of such patterns. The chapters on trading systems and on how to trade volatility and the volatility skew were also well written and useful to the active options trader. All in all, I would recommend this book to anyone seriously contemplating getting involved in the options game. In fact, "McMillan on Options" and "Options as a Strategic Investment" (a real classic, also by McMillan), were among the very few options books that I made reference to in my own recent work ("Advanced Option Pricing Models", McGraw Hill, Feb 2005) Jeffrey Owen Katz, Ph.D.
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