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The Intuitive Trader Developing Your Inner Trading Wisdom
ISBN: 0471130478     Date Published: 1996-05-03     Author(s): Robert Koppel
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Editorial Review - Book Description:
Cultivate the skills necessary to follow your business intuitions

No matter how much background and training a trader or investor has, intuition remains the key personal asset to attaining financial success. Success depends on refining your intuition to a level that allows you to take the next step with unshakable confidence. But bringing yourself to this level is a daunting challenge--one that often requires you to override the logic of your acquired knowledge. With insights from industry success stories, exercises, and analysis from psychologists and psychiatrists, The Intuitive Trader shows traders and investors how to capitalize on their powerful intuitive skills so that they can take their trading to a new level.

* Interviews with preeminent psychologists and psychiatrists about developing intuition
* Extensive exercises that show the reader how to use intuition to enhance trading performance
* Words of wisdom from successful traders and investors, including Tony Saliba, Linda Raschake, Paul Tudor Jones, Jimmy Rodgers, and George Soros

ROBERT KOPPEL (Chicago, Illinois) is President of Future Skills, a Chicago-based consulting firm that works with individual traders, CTA`s and brokerage firms. A former member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, he is a partner in Skylane Trading, a clearing firm backed by Daiwa Securities. Koppel is the author of The Inner Game of Trading and The Outer Game of Trading, and he frequently lectures on the psychology of sound investing.
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Not for beginners., September 28, 1998 By A Customer This review is from: The Intuitive Trader: Developing Your Inner Trading Wisdom (Hardcover) While the author interviews many successful traders from various backgrounds, the most repeated comment was that you get the intuitive response from years of experience. This would appear as commonsense to most. Like riding a bicycle, you at first concentrate on balance. Then after you achieve a comfort level it becomes automatic or intuitive. With so many books on the market, writing a book on the premise that more experience brings on the ability to move by inner feelings is something one needn't pay for.
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Excellent Trading Book.Essential Reading!, September 15, 1999 By A Customer This review is from: The Intuitive Trader: Developing Your Inner Trading Wisdom (Hardcover) This is a very under-rated book.Probably the best book on trading psychology available.For professional and serious traders much more focused than anything else out there including the Disciplined trader which I enjoyed but didn't feel was as effective as The Intuitive Trader.
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practical wisdom, June 24, 2000 ByJim Ware (Chicago, Il) - See all my reviews This review is from: The Intuitive Trader: Developing Your Inner Trading Wisdom (Hardcover) Koppel's book, "The Intuitive Trader" provides excellent insights into the ways to combine left-brain (logical) and right brain (intuitive) skills to gain the competitive advantage. Koppel interviews established masters and shows how each of them rely on both the left and right sides of the brain. An excellent book for anyone in the world of professional investing.
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