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Global Convertible Investing The Gabelli Way
ISBN: 0471209821     Date Published: 2001-12-18     Author(s): Hart Woodson
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Editorial Review - Book Description:
Proven convertible investing approaches from a global leader
Global Convertible Investing: The Gabelli Way offers novice and experienced investors alike a comprehensive guide. In-depth analysis takes readers step-by-step through the process of understanding what convertibles are, how to value and price them, how to identify convertibles with potential, and how to profit from them. The proven approaches of the Gabelli Asset Management firm gives readers an inside perspective on option pricing theory, convertible valuation techniques, mandatory convertible securities, and much more. With Global Convertible Investing: The Gabelli Way readers will be able to learn from the firm`s proven methods and approaches and apply them to use convertibles as a profitable investment vehicle for themselves.
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I hope this is not the Gabelli Way., April 1, 2003 By A Customer This review is from: Global Convertible Investing: The Gabelli Way (Hardcover) I am unsure what book the rest of the reviewers are reading; but it was not this one. The book is not only ambiguous, but poorly crafted with topical transitions sloppy. I can comfortably say that there is not a single section of the book that adequately unveils the dynamics of various convertible instruments or their pricing. Indeed, the book reads more like a glossary than an explanatory text and for persons new to converts, the spate of regurgitated pricing theories will likely do more harm then good. Perhaps the one strength of the text is that it serves as a broad reference for readers truly interested in converts to seek out more educative pieces. For more informed readers, modest incremental knowledge seems to be the only gain.
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learn convertibles the easy way, April 4, 2002 ByDarren Johnson (New York, NY) - See all my reviews This review is from: Global Convertible Investing: The Gabelli Way (Hardcover) Hart Woodson has put together an easy to understand guide to convertibles. The book covers all aspects for hedge funds to outright purchasers of the product on a global basis. In depth enough for the seasoned professional and yet basic enough for those trying to understand convertibles for the first time.
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