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The Real Options Solution Finding Total Value in a High-Risk World
ISBN: 0471209988     Date Published: 2002-02-14     Author(s): F. Peter Boer
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Harness the power of real options
Real options theory is based on the Nobel Prize--winning work on financial options, and has captured the interest of executives, managers, and investors who need to understand the future profitability of an asset. Originally developed to value technology initiatives and companies, the method is now being applied broadly across various businesses and industries. The Real Options Solution offers comprehensive coverage of the real options approach with a five-step framework and examples for applying the author`s unique total value model based on real options analysis. This approach will help executives and investors minimize the risk of committing to new ventures and delivers a framework flexible enough to apply to business initiatives in all types of companies.
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The most practical book ever read on the subject!, January 25, 2003 ByDr. G. Sam Samdani (Montville, NJ United States) - See all my reviews This review is from: The Real Options Solution: Finding Total Value in a High-Risk World (Wiley Finance) (Hardcover) I would like to congratulate Dr. Boer on his success with making "real options" real for the practitioners. I have read many, if not most, most of the books out there on this topic, and found none to be as accessible and fun to read as Dr. Boer's treatment of this subject.I have also bought his other book, The Valuation of Technology - Business and Financial Issues in R&D. Again, full of practical insights that are not available elsewhere.I fail to understand the scathing review of the reader from Norway. Was this person expecting to learn about financial options, instead of real options, from this book? In that case, it was the reader's mistake for picking the wrong book! For real options, this book has no peer. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to apply the real options theory to real-world problems.Thanks Dr. Boer for a job well done and for making a real contribution to realistic valuation and pricing of business opportunities.
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Essential Reading for Valuation of Best Strategies, February 18, 2002 ByPete Clark (London, England) - See all my reviews This review is from: The Real Options Solution: Finding Total Value in a High-Risk World (Wiley Finance) (Hardcover) Dr. Peter Boer's latest book, THE REAL OPTIONS SOLUTION, extends the Yale professor's reputation for highly relevant insights into HOW to best adapt valuation and management decision approaches to today's new challenges. One needs to look no further than Winter 2001-2 headlines about corporate collapses to realize that there's are major limitations with ordinary first generation discounted cashflow (DCF) methods when it comes to valuation of complex companies-- particularly those in advanced technology fields and/or with complex financing structures. The near-term witch hunt response is to dump 'em all. But when the temporary period of Post-Enron / Post-3G and Fiber Excessive Pessimism recedes, management and institutional investors alike will realize that they still need new guidance for valuing corporate decisions. Towards this aim, Professor Boer elevates Real Options from its slightly dusty academic origins to a new dynamic role at the center of major corporation decision making...
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A significant contribution to the management literature, February 15, 2002 ByLouis Hegedus (Rosemont, PA United States) - See all my reviews This review is from: The Real Options Solution: Finding Total Value in a High-Risk World (Wiley Finance) (Hardcover) Dr. Boer's ideas about the economics and management of industrial R&D have had a significant impact. This novel and wonderfully written book provides a modern framework for the analysis of high-risk, high-reward endeavors which include research and development. The methodology has great intellectual appeal: it integrates real options analysis and net present value analysis, thus capturing the traits of the "new" and "old" economies in the same analytical framework. This it does in a practical, pragmatic manner, suitable to real-life problems in opportunity (and risk) management.
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