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Pattern, Price & Time Using Gann Theory in Trading Systems (Wiley Trading)
ISBN: 0471253332     Date Published: 1998-03-19     Author(s): James A. Hyerczyk
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320 Pages
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Editorial Review - Book Description:
The first book to bring a highly controversial charting method down to earth for today`s futures traders.

W. D. Gann continues to be one of the most controversial figures in technical analysis. Considered eccentric, abstruse, and even mystical by some, his techniques, which combine geometric figures with time and price, have nevertheless been successfully adapted and used by several generations of traders. This book explains how Gann concepts apply to all major markets. It shows readers how to integrate Gann theory into modern computer charting techniques and real-time systems.

JAMES A. HYERCZYK (Palos Park, Illinois) is President of JAH Research and Trading. He is also chief technician for a large futures research and publishing company.
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If you want a book on trading - buy another one !, May 24, 1999 By A Customer This review is from: Pattern, Price & Time: Using Gann Theory in Trading Systems (Wiley Trading) (Paperback) What promises a discussion of Gann Theory in Trading Systems turns out to be one of the biggest disappointments in the trading arena. The author deliberately withholds most of the important insights from the reader and justifies his doing by sarcastically pointing to a presumable loss in his advantage. If somebody is so afraid to write about his chosen theme why write at all ?
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Insult to the readers intelligence, December 15, 1999 By A Customer This review is from: Pattern, Price & Time: Using Gann Theory in Trading Systems (Wiley Trading) (Paperback) While this promises to be helpful in explaining Gann style, it proves to be mostly disappointing. The author clearly knows how to use the Copy and Paste commands in his word processor. Page after page is simply word for word repeat of previous pages. The explanations are identical word for word except he has interchanged Daily for Weekly for Monthly. The book could be cut in half and would not loose any content. About 15% of the book was helpful. The rest was an insult to my intelligence. There has to be better books around. Dont pay full price for it.
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Good Introduction to Gann Theory, but don't worth the price, December 10, 2000 ByWan (Shanghai, Hong Kong, U.S.) - See all my reviews This review is from: Pattern, Price & Time: Using Gann Theory in Trading Systems (Wiley Trading) (Paperback) This book serves as a good introduction to the Gann Theory. It explains clearly the basics of Gann Theory: How to use the Swing Charts to identify trends, together with other Gann tools like Gann Angle,Squaring and Anniversaries to determine the likely date/time for Heads or Bottoms (ie. Cycles) and important supports/resistances. With this book, you will be able to grasp the basic framework of Gann Trading. Yet given that the book does not mention the more advanced Gann tools, it only fulfill the introduction/ elementary purpose. So the same price should have bought another book that talks more indepth about the topics. Besides, the book is too repetitive that it seems half of the price is paid to those "copy and paste" pages. I will say, this book deserves five stars if both the price and the pages are cut down by halves.
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