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New Trading Dimensions How to Profit from Chaos in Stocks, Bonds, and Commodities (A Marketplace Book)
ISBN: 0471295418     Date Published: 1998-10-01     Author(s): Bill M. Williams
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Editorial Review - Book Description:
A powerful new way to navigate today`s unprecedented market conditions `Bill Williams` pioneering application of chaos theory to the financial markets is leading technical analysis into the twenty-first century and beyond. New Trading Dimensions presents a complete, highly original, and intriguing trading method with clear, detailed illustrations, and challenging practice pages. Bill`s wisdom, technical expertise, and skillful teaching style make this a revolutionary must-have new book for stock and commodity traders.` -Tom Bierovic, Product Manager for User Education, Omega Research, Inc. `Bill hits the nail on the head. The essence of successful trading is a combination of knowing who you are and allowing the market to reveal its secrets. Bill Williams has the gift of explaining these concepts better than anyone I know. This is a compelling work that belongs in every trader`s library.` -George Angell, author, Profitable Day-Trading with Precision `Bill Williams is one of the great educators of our time. He freely shares his knowledge and experience in this inexpensive book. This book is required reading for all market technicians. The principles are sound as we have tested them with our software.` -John Hill, President, Futures Truth, Co. `Bill Williams has always been an excellent teacher, taking complex terms and concepts and translating them into a clear, commonsense approach to trading. This book provides a complete trading program that reflects Bill`s years of wisdom and experience in the marketplace.` -Darrell Jobman, Editorial Consultant and former Editor-in-Chief of Futures magazine As today`s market environment continues to change dramatically, more and more traders are discovering that traditional forecasting methods-pure technical analysis and fundamental analysis-just do not work. Sending out contradictory messages, these opposing schools of thought leave investors baffled about the future direction of the market, and consequently, at a loss as to how to tailor their trading systems. As a result, many practitioners have now turned to a new forecasting `cocktail` that combines traditional charting methodologies with chaos theory and human psychology. In this groundbreaking book, Bill Williams, a seasoned trader at the forefront of this dynamic new approach, explains exactly what it is, how it works in current stock and commodity markets, and how to use it to your advantage. Based on human nature rather than the vagaries of the market, the new trading dimension works on the premise that we trade not the market, but our own belief system. By assessing what your personal biases are, you can determine how they influence your ultimate success-or failure-and then adjust your trading strategies accordingly. Written by an expert in the field who has been featured in Futures, Worth, Success, and other prominent publications, New Trading Dimensions takes the latest in scientific knowledge about human behavior and applies it directly to the fields of stock and commodity investing and trading. With straightforward guidelines, it shows you how to adopt the right attitude toward the behavior of the market and use the right tools (ATTITOOLS) for profitable trading. Packed with practice exercises, specific applications to different types of investments, and a detailed review of important market signals, here`s where you`ll learn how to: * Discover what the market wants and align your own beliefs with the direction of the market * Apply chaos theory to trading and investing * Use Williams` `Market Alligator` for analyzing and profiting from the markets * Employ a multidimensional trading program that includes such tools and techniques as fractals, oscillators, AC signals, psychological zones, and balance lines * Exit trades in a timely fashion to reap high returns Drawing on the author`s more than forty years of experience as both a successful trader and seasoned trainer, this invaluable guide offers a breakthrough method that has proven its ability to turn investors into consistent winners.
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New Trading Dimension, February 7, 2000 By A Customer This review is from: New Trading Dimensions: How to Profit from Chaos in Stocks, Bonds, and Commodities (Hardcover) The 1st 2 chapters are somewhat of ramble where the author describes the "metaphysics" of trading. Still some good ideas are offered. The book references chaos theory, and leaves it up to the reader to believe whether "supercomputers" were used in formulating the various trading methods (the author wants to come across as an applied mathemetician, but he sure looks like a stock trader to me). There isn't any obvious connection with Chaos Theory - but let's be honest: what would we really do with it if it was there?I give the book 5 stars, and I'd give it 10 if they were available. The reason is that despite the weak link between the title and content, the trading methodologies do work. Both in backtestng and in 2 months real time, I've found the author's systems to be a perfect filter and trigger for a short term trading system. He states a goal of 10%/month, but when these filters & axioms are correctly combined with a good momentum system,...
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Outstanding Methodology, March 30, 2002 ByBeau F. Penaranda (Las Vegas, NV USA) - See all my reviews This review is from: New Trading Dimensions: How to Profit from Chaos in Stocks, Bonds, and Commodities (Hardcover) The book walks you step by step on how and what to look for when using Dr. Williams methodology. He reveals all his indicators in the book, so if you can't afford his software/course, you can simply add it to your favorite charting software!After reading some reviews here, I have found two extremes in regards to both his books. Not enough theory of chaos or "just a simple little trend following system". If you're looking for the scientfic version of trading chaos, don't get this book. If you felt you've read your share of "trend methodology", skip it. But if you are interested in implementing a robust trading system, and one that works, get this book now!Few of the reviewers seem tied up in semantics on whether it is or it isn't a "trend trading system" or "not really chaos theory". None however mention anything remotely about making money trading futures!Do yourself a favor and forget those reviews(unless you happen to fall into the...
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Total Con Job, January 14, 2000 ByRawBass - See all my reviews This review is from: New Trading Dimensions: How to Profit from Chaos in Stocks, Bonds, and Commodities (Hardcover) The fact that Wiley would publish this book and allow the auther to abuse the word chaos in the title is an affront to the intelligence of traders and aspiring traders everywhere. The only thing that this book has to do with Chaos is the author's rambling style. As for the content, there is the basice con artist structure: Chapter 1: Pep Rally -- It's so easy to get rich Chapter 2: Let Me Try to Talk Above Your Head So You Think I'm Really Smart Chapter 3: I Realize That You're Too Stupid and Lazy to Understand My Compex Theories, That's OK, Just Order My Software. Chapter 4-->10 A bunch of lagged moving averages, oscillators and simple breakout rules each with a special curve-fitted example to awe you. So What?What's pitifull is that this guy's attempt at a basic explanation of Chaos Theory serves nothing but to expose his shallow understanding of the subject.Wiley should be ashamed.For a good book related to Chaos Theory that is approachable try How...
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