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How I Trade Options (Wiley Trading)
ISBN: 0471312789     Date Published: 2000-01-15     Author(s): Jon Najarian
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Editorial Review - Book Description:
Wiley Online Trading For A Living

Beat Risk and Reap Rewards Like A Pro!

The Compelling True Story of How a Top Market Maker Built a Successful Trading Business

Praise for How I Trade Options

`To much of the outside world, trading appears to be as incomprehensible as rocket science. What Jon Najarian has done in this engaging and very readable book is to `demystify` the world of options for both the aspiring trader and the retail investor. How I Trade Options is a rare opportunity to look over the shoulder of this experienced options trader, teacher, and lecturer.` -Lewis J. Borsellino, CEO/Founder, www.TeachTrade.Com; Author, The Day Trader: From the Pit to the PC

`How I Trade Options gives retail investors who have little or no prior knowledge the insight into how options work and how to use them effectively and responsibly. For those who want to learn about options, this is a rare opportunity to learn from a master trader. Najarian shows commitment to educating investors on the use of options to enhance their portfolios.` -Rance Masheck, President, Quantum Vision Inc.

`Not only is Jon Najarian a Supertrader, he is a Superteacher. I owe much of my good fortune to Jon Najarian. I learned more from him than I had learned in an entire decade-plus it was fun! Jon`s abilities to make his profitable trading strategies understandable are sure to make How I Trade Options a must-have tool that every option trader will want to own.` -Don Fishback, Developer of the Fishback Option Pricing Model

`Jon Najarian is a world-class options trader and a world class options educator. His crystal clear explanations of such strategies as vertical spreads empower the average investor to participate in attractive options approaches that, until now, have been dominated by professional traders.` -Bernie Schaeffer, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Schaeffer`s Investment Research, Inc.

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When Jon Najarian embarked on a career in the world of market making, he went from playing with the Bears to running with the bulls. In this chronicle of his evolution, the former starting middle linebacker for the Chicago Bears focuses on his key ingredient for market success--learning to control risk. From speedy victory to coping with some huge losses, to building his own business, Najarian reveals how he successfully trades the market with options traders, showing investors how to trade like a pro by honing their discipline, handling volatility successfully, and grasping puts, calls, and spreads.
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Save Your Time and Pass On This One., October 2, 2002 By A Customer This review is from: How I Trade Options (Wiley Trading) (Hardcover) There are 2 real option books: 1) Options: Perception Deception and 2) Option Volatility & Pricing by Natenberg. Maybe there are a few others; but the 50 I've read have been useless."How I Trade Options" I would re-title as "Why I Am Fabulous and A Couple Option Stories" There is not one method in this book that will put option profits in your pocket.An example of his trading: Way back when Yahoo was going up $20 each day for weeks, he finally saw this pattern and bought some shares and sold within minutes for a $2 profit. Can anyone tell me how that adds to my options or trading knowledge? I know people that made a fortune on those Yahoo runups - and they weren't professional traders; and all Dr. J got was $2.Buy the real options books I mentioned and leave this celebrity puffery for Dr. J's personal library.
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Don't join his online service, December 16, 2006 ByDavid S. Geller "Retail Consultant" (Atlanta, GA USA) - See all my reviews This review is from: How I Trade Options (Wiley Trading) (Hardcover) His site has a 10 minute video (greatly done) that talks about his new system called "Heat Seeker". It proposes to see when a LOT of activity is on a stock when someone (maybe insiders maybe floor people) buys a LOT of calls or puts. Then you buy them too and ride on their coat tails. It sounds logical. So I joined because they had an unconditional guarantee. I asked first what was their "performance" for the year. They couldn't tell me, but it's on the site. So after I joined I see the buys and sells and they lost money for 2006. But I followed some trades as the theory sounded good. Probably lost $1500 before I gave up, only one week. The kicker was TARO. This stock was pharmaceutical and was going to go up. In fact it went up 50% on the first day. If I can gotten the email alert earlier I would have got profits of 50%, but only 20% in one day. Who won't be happy? But the next day lost half of my money. Seems as though TARO hadn't given the stock...
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What a terrible book, June 5, 2001 By A Customer This review is from: How I Trade Options (Wiley Trading) (Hardcover) I bought this book and shall return it. All hype how great he is. Wow what an ego this guy has. Only claim to fame is that he played "B" grade football. Chicago Tribune told the truth about this guy.As for options, he hardly trades any more. PR of Jon Najarian is a full time job and strutting around in his trading jacket while others do the work. I heard this guy speak at a trade show. Lousy.I shall stick with the option masters McMillan and Fontanills not a wanna bee like Dr. J (he wanted to be his Dad who is a Doctor but could not get through Medical School)
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