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The Trading Game Playing by the Numbers to Make Millions
ISBN: 0471316989     Date Published: 1999-04-15     Author(s): Ryan Jones
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256 Pages
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Editorial Review - Book Description:
Clear, concise, and practical, The Trading Game shows you how to harness the power of money management for any trading method `The goal of most futures traders is to make a million dollars as fast and as painlessly as possible. Unfortunately, few traders achieve this goal. In The Trading Game, Ryan Jones demonstrates how the proper application of his new money management strategy, Fixed Ratio Trading, can enable an average trading system to earn spectacular profits. My advice? Don`t trade until you`ve spent as much time and effort on money management as you`ve spent on developing your entry and exit rules.` -Tom Bierovic, Manager System Trading & Development Education, Omega Research, Inc. `Ryan Jones is on the cutting edge of the most important element in the art of speculation-be it stocks or commodities-money management.` -Larry Williams, trader and author Long-Term Secrets to Shot-Term Trading `Money management is the most overlooked part of trading but is the key to building enormous wealth. Ryan Jones first overviews classical methods and then discusses a new paradigm which, combined with a reliable trading method, can lead to financial security.` -Murray Ruggiero, President Ruggiero & Associates; contributing editor, Futures magazine `At last-a money management book that is not intimidating or boring. Ryan Jones has made a complex subject easier to understand and follow. I am especially excited for all independent traders.` -Glen Ring, President, Glen Ring Enterprises editor of the widely respected View on Futures newsletter `Ryan Jones has always been one of the most innovative traders and creative minds in the industry. With the writing of The Trading Game: Playing by the Numbers to Make Millions, he has taken the science of money management and risk control to another level. I wholeheartedly endorse his efforts and recommend this new work required reading to anyone either just entering the trading arena, or already participating in it.` -Ted Tesser, CPA and author, The Trader`s Tax Survival Guide
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