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The New Options Market
ISBN: 0471348805     Date Published: 2000-01-15     Author(s): Max Ansbacher
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Editorial Review - Book Description:
Become a savvy investor in the options market

The New Options Market, Fourth Edition

Referred to as the bible of options books, The New Options Market has groomed two generations of traders and investors for success. Now with this updated and expanded Fourth Edition, Max Ansbacher gives his unique and tested strategies to you! With the help of numerous real-world illustrations, appendices with over thirty Web site suggestions for options traders, and specific advice on option picks, he explains the basics of trading theory and practice. In easy-to-understand, nonmathematical language, The New Options Market, Fourth Edition, is a highly personal, and newly updated guide that is specifically aimed at options traders in need of knowledge that will lead them to success.

`Aimed squarely at the ordinary investor, The New Options Market provides a practical guide to the use and misuse of options as an investment tool. Max Ansbacher`s book is an excellent starting point for investors seeking a clear, nontheoretical introduction to options.` -Jack Schwager, Author of Market Wizards and The New Market Wizards

`As a broker on the S & P options floor for the past eight years, I find that The New Options Market, unlike other option books, represents a clear, practical approach to trading options. Both the professional and the novice will benefit from the comprehensive coverage of all aspects of option trading.` -Kevin M. Maclean, V.P., Fimat, U.S.A.

`Max Ansbacher is a true professional-one of today`s most experienced option brokers and traders. His expertise stands out in this new edition of his book as it has in the previous editions. The fact that Max is a maestro at writing options is evident in the quality of the chapters on option selling.`-Lawrence G. McMillan, President of McMillan Analysis Corp. and author of McMillan on Options
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Finally, a book about futures options that anyone can use!, November 13, 2000 ByNeil Dorrel (Newport Beach, California, USA) - See all my reviews This review is from: The New Options Market (Hardcover) Mr. Ansbacher has done what seemed impossible: he has written a book about the complex world of commodity options- and more specifically S&P 500 index options- that doesn't require a Ph.D. to understand. And to boot, the ideas in the book actually work.I am a professional commodity broker, and like many of you I've bought books about the complex world of futures trading, only to get home and find that a background in computational physics was required to get any further than the introduction page. What Mr. Ansbacher has done is to demystify a subject that many people (even professionals) don't really understand, even though they've read books on the subject and pretend to know: option trading.Mr. Ansbacher's approach isn't what one would call simplistic. To the contrary, his approach is very exacting, methodical, and concrete. It's just that he has avoided lapsing into language that most readers couldn't grasp. And his approach will make many people who speculate in...
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A Clear, Concise Overview with an *Opinion*, August 5, 2001 By A Customer This review is from: The New Options Market (Hardcover) The strengths of this book are the clarity with which it has been written, the numerous practical examples provided, and most importantly, the opinions which the author, an experienced options trader, freely provides. Ansbacher has avoided dealing with the complexities of options such as the Black-Scholes pricing model, the greek sensitivities, etc., instead focussing on the basics: common strategies and analyzing what to do when things don't work as planned (in contrast to Fontanills' whose examples always make money!), but it is his experience which really shines. Reading this book is straightforward, owing to its conversational tone and is really like having an experienced options trader at your disposal -- Ansbacher is no flake, he's traded SPX options for years and runs a successful hedge fund....This one belongs on the bookshelf with McMillan and Natenberg...
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Good book to bring you down to earth, February 5, 2002 ByGilberto Marquez "gil marquez" (Guaynabo, PR USA) - See all my reviews This review is from: The New Options Market (Hardcover) I found this book very useful in bringing people back to reality as to the speculative nature of option trading. It even includes very good advice as to how to avoid (or mitigate if you will) losses. I only gave 3 stars to this book as it does not provide strategies as to how to pick correct stocks, and as they say, winning in options is 90% stock selection and 10% option trading.It is a good purchase for anyone starting in this business. Wish you all luck.
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