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Value Investing in Commodity Futures
ISBN: 0471348813     Date Published: 2001-01-15     Author(s): Hal Masover
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The only complete guide to an increasingly popular approach to futures trading
This book outlines a highly successful alternative approach to trading commodity futures, specially tailored to today`s low-priced commodities markets. Unlike technical analysis, which uses statistics to inform trading decisions, scale trading is a form of fundamental analysis in which a trader slowly buys prices as they reach bottom and sells them as they climb back up. Hal Masover describes scaling techniques that work in every commodity market, including metals, energies, utilities, and agriculture. And he supplies readers with a scale trading system that generates a complete rundown of how much money will be needed, when, and where.
* Satisfies the growing demand for guides to fundamental analysis-based futures trading
Hal Masover (Fairfield, IA) is cofounder of Crown Futures, a top trading firm with offices in Fairfield, Iowa, Boulder, Colorado, and Cleveland, Ohio. He has been successfully trading futures since 1985.
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Trading on common sense, December 7, 2002 ByXan (Colorado USA) - See all my reviews Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Value Investing in Commodity Futures (Hardcover) Finally there is a well-tested method for investing in commodity futures with reduced risk, based on the logic of fundamental factors rather than the fancy footwork of technical predictions. This book is well-written and clear, and brings us the straight-forward trading system successfully developed by Robert Weist in the 1970's.
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