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Getting Started in Online Day Trading
ISBN: 0471380172     Date Published: 2000-08-11     Author(s): Kassandra Bentley
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Editorial Review - Book Description:

The coauthor of the bestselling Getting Started in Online Investing now brings her winning expertise to the increasingly popular day trading arena-along with the methods of today`s most consistently successful trading practitioners. From a solid overview of the functional basics to a frank assessment of the pros and cons of day trading, Getting Started in Online Day Trading provides you with the know-how to begin, the information to speculate on the future of the medium-and the knowledge to decide if day trading is right for you. In this indispensable book, Bentley:
* Approaches day trading by examining the basics from the perspective of the novice trader
* Shares her years of experience and industry connections in online finance, and introduces you to some of today`s top traders
* Offers an in-depth analysis of the challenges and realistic rewards of online day trading

Get the solid, accessible, and practical guidance you`ve come to expect from the Getting Started In series with this outstanding and timely resource for today`s hottest investment vehicle.
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Great Book, August 13, 2000 By A Customer This review is from: Getting Started in Online Day Trading (Paperback) As the title indicates, this book is for the total beginner. The author takes the reader by the hand and guides him / her through the complex world of online day trading. All of the major areas of concern are covered: Everything from what is day trading and opening your online account to strategies and techniques used to gain profits. This book provides a great bird's-eye-view, kind of a road map for the long journey ahead. This book is not intended to cover every area of day trading with an exhaustive explanation, but rather, introduce each subject and point the reader in the right direction for further study. I strongly recommend this book. Happy trading.
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Good book for explaning the nuts and bolts of day trading, November 28, 2003 ByFrank Forrest "Quasar" (Northern California) - See all my reviews Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Getting Started in Online Day Trading (Paperback) I wanted a book that would take me step by step through all the technical day trader jargon and explain what all of it meant. Getting Started in Online Day Trading by Kassandra Bentley was just what the doctor, or in this case, the beginning day trader ordered. She takes a very solid approach to explaining what the stock market is all about, what day trading is all about, the procedures of doing day trading and the pitfalls of day trading. She is not shy in pointing out other books in order for you to gather good day trading information. This shows that she is very open to learning. Her book does a good job of not assuming that the reader already knows all about day-traderese. There are plenty of sidebar notes that refer to terms and phrases within each chapter. This is a very good way of reinforcing what you have just read. One specific area that was very clear in explanation are the terms bid and ask. While other books use these terms almost interchangeably and do not...
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Read it, but You will need more specific strategies, August 3, 2005 ByTrader - See all my reviews This review is from: Getting Started in Online Day Trading (Paperback) This book is ok for a trader that needs to start from scratch. But you will be needing more specific trading strategies. Keep in mind that the stock market doesn't really care if you are beginner. The rules and the trading opportunities are the same for every one. When you trade you compete against more seasoned traders, therefore you MUST go beyond the basics and employ a clear strategy to make your buy and sell decisions. There are many "fantastic" strategies outhere, but you need to test them in order to discover which ones help you the most. That's part of your homework as a stocktrader. Test, test and test again. Complicated systems that rely on a "boat load" of technical indicators can make you slow, and being slow in this game can be as dangerous as not knowing what to do in the first place. I think the worst thing that can happen to a beginner trader is to get information overload. It's better to go step by step, and test a simple...
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