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The Ultimate Trading Guide
ISBN: 0471381357     Date Published: 2000-01-15     Author(s): John R. Hill, George Pruitt
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320 Pages
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Editorial Review - Book Description:
How to Spot Short-Term Trends, Trading Systems That Work, Money Management Techniques, and Patterns for Profit

Become the ultimate trader!

The Ultimate Trading Guide is your chance to get what every trader wants, but few have: the know-how to develop and correctly use a logic-based, reliable, and profitable methodology for successful buying and selling-now. In this complete tutorial, one of today`s most respected analysts and his partners provide you with all you need to know to develop an original, computerized system that works for you.

`Can you make money trading the markets with a system? You bet, and this is the book that shows how it`s done, based on decades of research and actual trading.`-Larry Williams, Author, Day Trade Futures Online and Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading

`Traders at all levels of experience will find a treasure chest of knowledge and guidance in The Ultimate Trading Guide. Advice from these expert authors, gained over decades of trading, research, and study of markets and systems, is virtually priceless. This book receives my highest recommendation.`-Edward D. Dobson, President, Traders Press, Inc.

`John Hill, George Pruitt, and Lundy Hill are the acknowledged masters in the design and development of mechanical trading systems. So it`s no surprise The Ultimate Trading Guide gets my highest recommendation for those interested in the mechanized trading of stocks and futures.` -Gary Smith, Author, How I Trade for a Living

`A well-written and thoroughly enjoyable book. It is filled with refreshingly new ways of looking at the market, combined with valuable perceptions that can only come from John Hill`s years of experience and the ability to see the big picture. My congratulations to John for his tenacity in delivering Futures Truth.` -Perry Kaufman, Author, Trading Systems and Methods, President, Strategic Market Systems
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Not quite the Ultimate Trading Guide..., December 7, 2001 By"lmm-trader" (Lisboa, Portugal) - See all my reviews This review is from: The Ultimate Trading Guide (Hardcover) It's not easy for me to review this book. If I were a beginner I don't think i'd go very far with it. To the more experienced trader, he will surely find something to suite his whatever style of trading, but never leading you to the point of re-thinking a trading system... unless you were losing money already!The book tries too hard to show all there is about trading, but never going deep enough to explain things in detail, hence the fact that it's not for the beginner...I found some interesting stuff on it, particularly on patterns, but when you get to the end of it, it leaves you with this feeling that something is lacking. But don't let my words put you off; it's a 'good enough' one if you already know your way around in Technical Analisys and are looking for something more to spice up your creativity to apply to your own trading system.
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A Complete Insight Into The Ultimate Trading Guide, August 23, 2002 (Los Angeles, CA) - See all my reviews This review is from: The Ultimate Trading Guide (Hardcover) No news here. these guys are purely technical. Hill, Lundy and Hill have written their book from years of experience with mechanical trading systems that have made them highly regarded experts. In black and white, what works and what doesn't, will be made clear to the reader from the knowledge of its authors. It is estimated that 80% of the 30 billion dollars in the managed futures industry is traded by systematic methods. It is also estimated that 80% of the traders lose money. This book was written to allow traders to recognize and exploit an edge in the markets. Examples in both the futures and securities are made to prove the authors' point.In the beginning, there is the almighty bar chart and a whole chapter devoted to its proper interpretation. According to these guys, all you need to know is in the charts and nowhere else. And with those bar charts a very simple and complete take on the Elliot Wave Theory will demystify even the most obtuse of the technically impaired...
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It is the ultimate - but not for everyone., June 30, 2002 ByOavde "oavde" (Australia) - See all my reviews This review is from: The Ultimate Trading Guide (Hardcover) 12 out of 10. But not for everyone. The book is designed to help ~you~ develop a trading system, it does not hand one out to you on a platter. Actually it does serve up many, many, many different systems, tests them, explains them in extreme detail to the point that you could computerise them (if you have that skill) however you won't find any of them work wonders. If however you are very skilled you will get a lot of inspiration from this book. For example, if you are already very advanced, and have developed your own systems either in your head or on computer. If you are a beginner / novice you might be completely overwhelmed. Read the other reader reviews and you'll see generally those who are experienced loved it, those new to trading wanting easy answers hated it / disappointed. It is one of the few books I am reluctant to promote because I don't want the secrets in it to get out - ha! oh well hopefully most people won't get it.
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