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Big Trends in Trading Stragies to Master Major Market Movetes
ISBN: 0471412694     Date Published: 2002-02-01     Author(s): Price Headley
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Arms traders and sophisticated individual investors with the tools they need to play the markets successfully
Many traders believe that they must perform at least one trade every day, no matter what. However, as expert Price Headley clearly demonstrates in this groundbreaking book, not only is that assumption false, it can also be dangerous. He shows why focusing too narrowly on the daily ebb and flow of the markets minimizes a trader`s chances for the big returns. He explains why maximum results are achieved by identifying the big market trends and riding them for all their worth. Headley explores the major market indicators-including the popular CBOE Volatility Index, Nasdaq 100, Rydex Mutual Fund Flows, and Equity Put/Call Ratio-and shows readers how to use them to identify the stocks that are about to take off. Emphasizing the aggressive use of options, he also empowers investors with stock selection techniques and options strategies that work in virtually every type of market.
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Top Notch Book on Determining Market's Direction, June 12, 2002 ByL. Masonson (Monroe, New York USA) - See all my reviews This review is from: Big Trends in Trading: Strategies to Master Major Market Moves (A Marketplace Book) (Hardcover) Price Headley, the founder of, has shared many of his best market indicators with readers. I've seen Headley speak at a few Investor Expos and he not only knows his stuff, but he presents it clearly without going over the heads of the audience. He has taken the same approach with his book. I found the indicators that he reviews to be very useful in providing insight into them market direction. I have personally used a number of them myself over the years. Not only does Headley provide the indicators, but he also includes the EasyLanguage Code for Tradestation platform users so that they can easily input his indicators on their PCs. Headley could have kept the settings of his indicators proprietary, but he chooses the high rode and shared them with his readers. Now to the review of this book. Chapter 1 focuses on Headley's favorite contrary sentiment indicator -- CBOE Equity Put/Call Ratio. Readings below 0.4 are considered bullish and above 0.8 bearish. He also...
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A Better Way to Invest and Trade In Volatile Markets, April 5, 2002 ByJack Dehner (Newport Beach, CA USA) - See all my reviews This review is from: Big Trends in Trading: Strategies to Master Major Market Moves (A Marketplace Book) (Hardcover) After reading my fair share of investment and trading books, I have to say that this one stands out - Headley offers a lot of practical, detailed ways to trade successfully in various market environments. I'm not the only one who learned since 1999 that simply buying and holding stocks can actually be quite risky - the point of the book is to show the way that bullish and bearish market and sector cycles have accelerated tremendously. As a result, you can either get punished during the rough stretches or take some steps to take advantage of the market's directional moves along the way. Best of all, the book takes some traditional ways of spotting big trends in stocks and updates them with new methods I've never seen before. A couple of areas really stand out: The well-researched explanation of conventional technical and relative strength indicators used by William O'Neil, John Murphy et al. with new tools like Headley's Acceleration Bands and Momentum Divergence signals. These are...
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Sharing his perspective, July 29, 2002 ByMark Mills (Glen Rose, TX USA) - See all my reviews This review is from: Big Trends in Trading: Strategies to Master Major Market Moves (A Marketplace Book) (Hardcover) This represents an 'interim' review. I've read the book, but plan to make a second pass at a much slower pace. I may bounce the rating up to 5 when I get done. For now, the book gets a 4.I like the book a great deal. In particular, I really like Headley's highlighting of sentiment indicators. At the end of the book, he shares a summation of his trading discipline. Much of it is a quick summary 'The Disciplined Trader' by Mark Douglas. The readers would be well advised to read Douglas directly, but if the material is new, it ought to be worth the price of the book by itself. For me, I enjoyed the insight into Headley's life style.Headley's writing style strikes me as somewhat 'stream of consciousness', though. For example, while discussing his use of the Put/Call ratio, he states: "The next put/call signal occurs on February 16th, when the put/call ratio crossed back below the upper band to register a 49 percent reading on February 16th, after a 55 percent number...
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