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Options on Futures New Trading Strategies
ISBN: 0471436429     Date Published: 2001-11-30     Author(s): John F. Summa, Jonathan W. Lubow
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Editorial Review - Book Description:
Increased marketplace volatility and the expanding size of capital markets have led to an explosion of interest in options on futures. What makes these instruments so attractive is that they allow traders to profit from movements in the markets using little up-front capital and plenty of leverage. At the same time, they provide an excellent hedge against the risks associated with capital market investments. This book demystifies these notoriously difficult-to-understand instruments and provides state-of-the-art strategies and tools for making the most of options on futures.
John F. Summa (New Haven, CT) is a CTA and cofounder of, an online service providing market commentary, trading advisories, and assistance with trading system development. Jonathan Lubow (Randolph, NJ) is cofounder and Vice President of Trader`s Edge, a futures and options brokerage.
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Glad I got this one, November 3, 2002 By A Customer Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Options on Futures: New Trading Strategies (Hardcover) I like to buy straddles. That makes me a debit spreader. Since this book is all about CREDIT-spreads, you'd think that I would stay away from it.Nevertheless, I'm glad that I bought the book and consider it to be an important addition to my library. The authors do a good job of: -- explaining why speculators should be interested in options on futures; -- explaining why speculators should think twice about buying premium... as opposed to selling it; -- showing how to take and then adjust positions on certain basic strategies.The book is: --less theoretical and more immediately useful than Natenberg's "Option Volatility & Pricing"; --better organized than Caplan's "The New Option Secret"; --more focused and informative than Spears' "Commodity Options", and... --less combative than Gallacher's "The Options Edge".To be honest, I'm glad that I've had a chance to read and re-read ALL these books -- so I'm not saying that you shouldn't get any of...
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Disappointing for the price, June 3, 2006 ByAndrew Kasch "Life is good" (California USA) - See all my reviews This review is from: Options on Futures: New Trading Strategies (Hardcover) Why do hardback books cost so much? And what makes this one sell for $65 and others that are better sell for $35? Who comes up with the pricing on these things? John Summa makes a strong case for selling credit spreads in the futures market in this volume. It is a good read for beginners, but really you can find the same material on the internet for free just by doing a few key word searches. The way he presents the material is authoritative and would have one believing that his conclusions are gospel. In reality nothing could be further from the truth. You can lose money doing credit spreads, and yes, have bad streaks where 4 or 5 in a row go against you. I know because I am a fan of credit spreads and do them in the stock market quite a bit. Typically you are risking more than 2-1, that is, risking more than twice as much as you can make so when you hit a bad streak it can set you way back. Credit spreads are just another tool; you still need to be decent at...
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Options on Futures, April 15, 2003 Byrobert j pierce (chicago, il United States) - See all my reviews This review is from: Options on Futures: New Trading Strategies (Hardcover) This is a very simple, canned presentation. The book is primarily boilerplate that may be read free on any exchange website. There may be value for the novice here, but anyone with experience will put the book down 15 minutes after picking it up.
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