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Introduction to Derivatives (The Reuters Financial Training Series)
ISBN: 047183176X     Date Published: 1999-03-26     Author(s): London, UK Reuters Limited
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Editorial Review - Book Description:
The Reuters Financial Training Series An Introduction to Derivatives A new concept in financial training, An Introduction to Derivatives guides novices through the often complex and challenging world of Derivatives. Full of definitions, concise descriptions, quizzes and examples, the book studies financial instruments - futures, options and swaps - from basic concepts to applications in trading, hedging and arbitrage. Key features include:
* Introductory sections defining terms and giving background to theories
* Examples of transactions and futures contracts
* Summaries and overviews at the end of each chapter recapitulating key points and definitions
* Quick quiz questions and answers to reinforce learning
* Further resources which point to other books, articles and internet tools to widen readers` comprehension of derivatives and entrench their foundation in the subject.
Each book in the series is supported by the Wiley-Reuters Financial Training web site ( This regularly updated site offers a range of screens taken directly from the Reuters terminal, information on professional exams, web links to key institutional finance web sites and much more. This book will be of particular interest to novice traders, investors and trainers in financial institutions looking for a key introductory text. By allowing readers to progress through the fundamentals and applications in a simulated trading environment at their own pace, the book will be an invaluable starting block for those new to the field of derivatives.
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Clear introduction, June 14, 2000 By A Customer This review is from: Introduction to Derivatives (Reuters Financial Training) (Hardcover) This guide provides an extremely clear introduction to derivatives, including futures, options and swaps. The book's heavy use of charts and other graphics, and friendly layout, makes it especially easy to follow. Though it provides only basic information about strategy and pricing, it does clearly outline the risk profiles of several common derivatives trades. This book won't help you master the Black-Scholes option pricing formula, but it will give you a solid understanding of how derivatives work. Overall, a very good introduction.
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Great book., March 31, 2005 ByFarhan (New York, NY) - See all my reviews This review is from: Introduction to Derivatives (Reuters Financial Training) (Hardcover) I have been through 75% of the book and I love it. I have no previous education in finance and I just got into the financial world as a programmer; I wanted to get a basic understanding of different financial products. This book is very easy to follow and does a good job at explaining difficult concepts. The examples are great.
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