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Stocks and Shares (Millard Onà)
ISBN: 0471966584     Date Published: 1998-11-25     Author(s): Brian J. Millard
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190 Pages
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Editorial Review - Book Description:

Stocks and Shares Fourth Edition Brian J. Millard Brian Millard`s clear, concise style has established his reputation as a leading finance author. In the fully revised and updated fourth edition of this popular work he guides the reader through simple techniques that will help both new and experienced investors to minimise the risk and maximise the profit which can be made from investment in shares, even in adverse market conditions. In Stocks and Shares Brian Millard:
* dispels the myths surrounding stock market investment
* gives investors clear, practical advice on how to minimise risk and maximise profit by timing decisions accurately to exploit market trends
* shows the reader methods to assess when to buy and sell that require neither large amounts of time nor in-depth financial knowledge
* provides practical advice on what to do in a falling market
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