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Mathematics of Derivative Securities (Publications of the Newton Institute)
ISBN: 0521584248     Date Published: 1997-10-13     Author(s): Riccardo Rebonato
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Cambridge University Press
600 Pages
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The papers in this volume address various aspects of financial derivatives that range from abstract financial theory to practical issues pertaining to the pricing and hedging of interest rate derivatives and exotic options in the market place. This broad and important collection will interest both academic scholars and financial engineers.

"The papers are of exceptionally high quality, and the book works on different levels--as an introduction to the field or its particular aspects, as a survey of existing theories, models and techniques, and as a source for getting insight about important new directions and unsolved problems." Jaksa Cvitani^D`c, Mathematical Reviews
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A Newton's work, July 12, 1999 By A Customer This review is from: Mathematics of Derivative Securities (Publications of the Newton Institute) (Hardcover) This is an excellent book which covers many great ideas and potential methodologies applied to derivative pricing. It should have been published much earlier.
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