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GlobalTrading A Momumental, Pivotal Work of Scholarship in the History and Future of Capitalist Markets
ISBN: 0595195946     Date Published: 2001-09-14     Author(s): Steve Selleck
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Editorial Review - Book Description:

GlobalTrading (GT) is a treasure map and goldmine. GT unveils the first new trading instruments to be invented since futures and options contracts in the mid-1800`s. GT details new logical models and a system and method for facilitating electronic and/or Internet-based trading and expanding financial and commodity markets and their tools to assets of all kinds and to anyone with Internet access and an account. Most importantly, GT is an executiveÂ’s guide to understanding and capitalizing upon long term financial, commodity, and B2B market developments and gaining and exercising competitive advantage today.

GT offers a descriptive and graphic overview of the new inventions and methods which will support the financial market democratization for which the world is now poised. GT introduces (1) new financial instruments better suited to electronic trading and traderÂ’s goals as revealed by overall trading patterns and statistics, (2) the emergent system and method of the new global trading market mechanism, and (3) a way to conduct current market activity in a more efficient, cost-effective, and powerful way while incorporating the huge B2B marketplace into the upper rungs of the financial and commodity markets.

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