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How to Become a Successful Trader The Trading Personality Profile Your Key to Maximizing Your Profit With Any System
ISBN: 0595243894     Date Published: 2002-11-19     Author(s): Ned Gandevani
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How To Become A Successful Trader offers an exciting tool for traders, investors, and hedge fund managers to maximize their trading performance. You gain a deeper understanding about how to enhance the positive forces of your psychology to create a winning career. With the knowledge of your Trading Personality, you are able to customize strategies and decide which method of trading; either Discretionary System, a Mechanical System, or a Hybrid System is best suited to your personality. This book provides a road map and selection criterion for mutual funds, banks, hedge fund mangers and trading firms on how to choose a more effective trader for their firm. Dr. Gandevani`s book utilizes a scientific research in dealing with trading psychology. His professional experience in trading and dealing with many traders whom he has trained as well as extensive research on psychology provided the unique and necessary insight for writing this book.

About the Author
Dr. Ned Gandevani is a professional trader and developer of the renowned Winning Edge S&P Methodology, formed based on Chaos Theory, He holds his MBA and Ph.D. degree in Finance. He has researched market behavior for 5 years prior to any trading. Dr. Gandevani has trained and coached many professional traders for nearly a decade. He has written articles that some of which have been published in magazines such as Stocks and Commodities. Dr. Gandevani is a member of prestigious professional organizations such as American Finance Association (AFA), Society of Quantitative Analysts (SQA) and affiliate member of Market Technician Association (MTA). He has administered the TPP test to a wide array of professional fund managers and traders and has designed developmental and complementary strategies for students to increase their trading performance. Dr, Gandevani has conducted Trading Psychology Seminars across the United States and Europe.
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The Trading Personality Profile, December 18, 2002 By A Customer This review is from: How To Become A Successful Trader: The Trading Personality Profile: Your Key to Maximizing Your Profit With Any System (Paperback) The Trading Personality Profile, by Dr. Gandevani, describes how a trader can identify his/her personality traits and furthermore provides supplemental strategies designed to maximize desirable traits and neutralize negative traits. Determining your trading personality is crucial because you discover which types of trading approaches are best suited for YOU. This enables the trader to bridge the profit/loss gap between a trading system's hypothetical performance and the trader's actual performance. On a personal level, I have developed an awareness of my personality/characteristics and as a result, many of my thoughts and actions are both scientifically explainable and often times predictable. I am now conscious of my irrational beliefs (derived from my weak traits) and am able to remedy them before they become undesired behaviors.(i.e. bad trades) Every trading day I apply the concepts in this book. I made an outline of the impeding "traps" that I am vulnerable toward...
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some reviews are likely shill reviews, July 10, 2009 Byrcanfiel - See all my reviews This review is from: How To Become A Successful Trader: The Trading Personality Profile: Your Key to Maximizing Your Profit With Any System (Paperback) this book is written by someone who operates a constantly advertised website in the trading magazines like TASC. He gives absolutely no feedback when you answer specific questions, makes wildly profitable claims without any audits or proof, charges a fortune for the service. And the few reviews on the web are pretty much bad.
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Finally, a book on the science of psychology in trading., December 4, 2002 By A Customer This review is from: How To Become A Successful Trader: The Trading Personality Profile: Your Key to Maximizing Your Profit With Any System (Paperback) The Trading Personality Profile is the first book I have read which identifies the science of psychology to trading. I have read a number of books and arcticles which focus on pop psychology, telling the reader that it's discipline, persistence, determination and focus which will render success. However, there is a serious dillema. These books never identify the science of why we are incapable of achieving success as traders or investors. Dr. Gandevani has finally written a book which is a must read for any serious individual in the investment community, or anyone who is interested in bettering their lives. He recognizes that we must first understand ourselves with a Trading Personality Profile Test, which identifies our strengths and weaknesses in all facets of our personlaity and character. In turn, this allows us to genuinely focus on the real issues at hand. If you are a dedicated student of the markets or in life, then this is a must read. It is perhaps the finest book I have...
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