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Trading The International Futures Markets
ISBN: 0735201366     Date Published: 2000-01     Author(s): Jake Bernstein, Jacob Bernstein
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Prentice Hall Press
352 Pages
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From a world renowned authority on futures trading, a guide to the essentials and opportunities of trading the international futures market

In these days of global economic upheaval, traders are constantly searching for ways to hedge risk and generate profits from volatile price swings. Savvy insiders have found the answer: futures markets in Europe and Asia. Free of often stifling U.S. regulations, the international futures markets are attracting the attention of top institutional traders as well as the general trading public. Prominent futures trader, Jake Bernstein, skillfully guides serious traders through the maze of trading these burgeoning markets.

Beginning with a brief unorthodox history of futures trading, Bernstein reveals why the most mercenary traders thrive and how the European futures markets evolved to their current dynamism. He then focuses on what is traded, where and how, highlighting up and coming markets. Backed by detailed charts and graphs, he takes traders through the fundamentals of traditional technical analysis, then on to a variety of trading systems, all designed to capture the essence of growing market volatility. He explores questions commonly echoed by traders, including: How can U.S. traders effectively deal with time differences? How do currency rate changes impact trading? Is it realistic for U.S. traders to day-trade the international market? What are the benefits?

TRADING THE INTERNATIONAL FUTURES MARKET gives speculators, traders, and investors powerful tools to help them reclaim the all-important and coveted trading edge.

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Save Your Money -- Nothing On International Futures Here, January 12, 2003 ByTommy Lee Morris (Portland, Oregon) - See all my reviews This review is from: Trading the International Futures Markets (Hardcover) Well, maybe my heading isn't entirely fair...there are at least a few pages on international futures, but not much more. The title of this book should have been "The Complete Beginner's Guide To Daytrading" since 80% of the text is just basics on trading like standard TA indicators, how to find a broker, etc. I got the distinct impression that Mr. Bernstein wrote a chapter or two on international futures, and then his editors flushed it out into an entire book and stuck his name on it. I am returning this thing tomorrow and gettig my money back.
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