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Options as a Strategic Investment
ISBN: 0735201978     Date Published: 2001-01-01     Author(s): Lawrence G. McMillan
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Prentice Hall Press
1001 Pages
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Editorial Review - Book Description:
Reflecting today’s market realities and the new innovative options products available, this fourth edition features an in-depth analysis of volatility and volatility trading; updated information on all stock option strategies, reflecting recent market conditions; buy and sell strategies for Long Term Equity Anticipation Securities (LEAPs); detailed guidance for investing in the growing field of structured products; the latest developments in futures and futures options; and the market impact of the most recent changes in the margin rules.

Packed with graphs and charts to clarify profit and loss potential, margin requirements, and criteria for selection of a position, this classic remains an indispensable resource for investors determined to master the world of options--and profit.
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This is THE book., July 15, 2002 ByFreeAtLast (Newington, CT USA) - See all my reviews This review is from: Options as a Strategic Investment (Hardcover) Try as I might, I cannot understand the negative reviews here. This is THE book on options. McMillan writes clearly and well. There is nothing glib here -- no promises of great wealth, no hype, no pandering to fools. What is here is solid information presented well and thoroughly. A criticism that came up more than once (copy cat reviews?) is that the book doesn't show practical stuff. What! It provides all the information that any reasonably intelligent person needs to UNDERSTAND exactly what the strategies are and when to apply them. To ask for more is to ask for easy and oversimplified answers that will part you from your money.The book is thick. True. You don't need all that is in it. True. The book is frightening or dull or not as useful as (gimme a break!) Wade Cook!!!Hey! It's a text book, not a novel. Wake up! You can use it to find what YOU want to know. There is more useful information in this book than in any hustler's high-priced and hype-filled...
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The Best Reference Book on Options, December 21, 2003 By A Customer This review is from: Options as a Strategic Investment (Hardcover) I won't say I've read every book on Options out there, but I've looked at a range, from the very complex, full of calculus equations and whatnot, to the very simple, and to my mind, this is the best. First of all, it is very thorough and well organized. It goes step by step through virtually every option strategy, analyzing the various payoffs, follow-up actions if the market goes against you, etc. It is written clearly and concisely, with lots of examples. One reviewer says it's too complicated. If you think this book is too complicated, then you simply should not be trading options. Period. Another critic says there are too many examples. Yes, there are a lot of examples, and if you find you understand the concepts the author describes just fine without the example, then you'll probably just skip them. However, if there is something you don't quite get, the examples are a real help. I think some reviewers were hoping for a book that would tell them how to get rich in a few...
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Best options book for intermediate level - very practical, August 9, 2004 ByR. TANAKA "r_tanaka" (Honolulu, HI) - See all my reviews This review is from: Options as a Strategic Investment (Hardcover) I've browsed/read a number of equity options related books and this is the best one I've come across for someone that is kind of at the intermediate level. It's very much a "how to" book that goes really in-depth on strategy. Almost as if the author were reading your mind, he addresses what the options trader/speculator is thinking and breaks everything down in a nice, simple manner. For instance, he has sections on what the alternatives and their pros and cons are if you have an option that has moved in-the-money and what things you need to consider. This book focuses on strategy, application, and practice...not much, if at all, on theory (Black Scholes, etc.) and that's what I like so much about this book.
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