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Event Trading Profiting from Economic Reports and Short-Term Market Inefficiencies
ISBN: 0786307722     Date Published: 1996-06-01     Author(s): Ben Warwick
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Editorial Review - Book Description:
As experienced traders can attest, news events often mark the beginning or culmination of major trends. Event trading is a new and exciting technique to trade the financial and commodity markets, and represents a third major approach to trading, distinctly different from the fundamental and technical approaches. Designed to capture profits from market reactions to news events, event trading provides a systematic approach for exploiting a variety of market-moving events, such as economic reports, official interest rate changes, and surprises in corporate earnings reports. By understanding how markets respond to the news, traders can reap huge profits. Event Trading is the first book on the subject and is sure to generate great interest among active traders and investors. Specific topics include: Origins of event trading; Event trading and intermarket analysis; Game theory and the financial markets; Creating an event trading portfolio. Event Trading will include a demonstration disk that show how to implement the strategies and techniques explained in the book. Developed by author Ben Warwick, the software will enable traders to analyze historical market repsonses to economic news and deduce probabilities for upcoming trades. Combined, the software and book will provide traders with everything they need to understand and implement this exciting new trading method.
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Finally! A Trading Methodology That Stands Up to Backtesting, July 21, 1999 By A Customer This review is from: Event Trading: Profiting from Economic Reports and Short-Term Market Inefficiencies (Hardcover) Event Trading certainly stands out in the increasingly crowded arena of investment books . As a professional trader with over 5 years in the futures markets it is a pleasure to come across a methodology that is backed up by rigorous statistical testing that the reader can duplicate. It is also refreshing to find an entirely new approach to trading, one that is not a rehash of technical analysis indicators or a review of interpreting economic fundamentals. Event Trading differs from most of the existing books in this field. All rules are fully disclosed and mechanical. The reader is not presented with any "squishy" interpretations of market activity - this is not Elliot Wave! The performance each system includes the full spectrum of all trades taken . Far too many books show only the periods where their systems excelled, conveniently excluding periods of poor performance. I have definitely found the ideas presented to be both novel and applicable in the futures...
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University Term Paper Goes Big Time, July 8, 1999 By A Customer This review is from: Event Trading: Profiting from Economic Reports and Short-Term Market Inefficiencies (Hardcover) What stands out most about this book is the large print that does not fill the pages. It could have easily been half the length. That said once you distill all the information down to pertinent theories what you are left with is something more worthy of submission to 'Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities' as a two pager. The authors theory is very simple and straight forward. It's hard to believe that an entire book has been written on such a narrow subject/theory. The bulk of this text is merely examples of the theory that are applied across different markets. I finished this 214 page term paper in under 1 hour. If my highliter had not graced the first few pages it would have found it's way back in postal system. Save your money.
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