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Trading Index Options
ISBN: 0786312300     Date Published: 1998-05-31     Author(s): James B. Bittman
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Designed and written for active traders who are interested in practical information that can improve their results, Trading Index Options offers tried-and-true techniques without a lot of theory and math. Bittman provides traders with the know-how to evaluate practical situations and manage positions. Among the key features: the basics of index options, including various spreads; how to match strategies with forecasts; alternatives for losing positions; the importance of price behavior and volatility. A windows-based software program that provides multiple option pricing and graphing is included in the package.
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Nothing for experienced traders., July 22, 1999 By A Customer This review is from: Trading Index Options (Hardcover) I was lead to believe that the book targeted traders who want to trade the index vs stock-options. this is basically a book for beginners who are unfamiliar with spreading, arbitrage etc. The book is based on a software, which in my opinion is not that great. Read Natenberg instead.
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Better information in other books, August 29, 1999 By A Customer Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Trading Index Options (Hardcover) I found Options Essential Concepts and Trading Strategies (edited by CBOE) to be a better book. I agree with one reviewer who stated the book, Trading Index Options, covers beginning options and does not go into enough depth about using index options.
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Good Book with Outdated Software, October 17, 2003 By A Customer This review is from: Trading Index Options (Hardcover) The good news is that this book is very nicely done, providing a useful foundation to beginner and intermediate options traders. I found that I learned quite a lot about the interactions between option pricing and the various factors influencing pricing. The author provides numerous case study examples utilizing the OP-EVAL(TM) software included with the book. A majority of the book contains detailed examples describing how to use the software and interpret the output. The bad news is that the software will not run on current Windows operating systems (Windows 98 or newer). So don't buy the book if you want to try the software on your own. Efforts to contact the author, through the publisher McGraw-Hill, about the possibility of updating the software, have been unsuccessful. Otherwise a good book.
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