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Call Auction Trading New Answers to Old Questions (Zicklin School of Business Financial Markets Conference Series Baruch College)
ISBN: 0792374231     Date Published: 2003-03-31     Author(s): Bruce Babcock
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The electronic call auction is an important trading vehicle in many market centers around the world, and it should play a far more central role in the U.S. equity markets. Yet call auctions are not known or understood by many market participants in the U.S. The purpose of Call Auction Trading: New Answers to Old Questions is to consider how a call auction facility operates and its broader role in the marketplace. A spectrum of questions are raised and debated. What is a call auction? How should call auctions be designed? How should call auction and continuous trading be integrated in a hybrid market structure? What is the price discovery function of a call auction, especially at market openings? When the dust settles on the answers, it may be recognized that the introduction of electronic call auction trading in our markets is one of the most profound changes in U.S. equity market structure that could be made.

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Volume is based on the proceedings of The Electronic Call Auction: New Answers to Old Questions, a conference hosted by the Zicklin School of Business on May 16, 2000. Text includes the edited transcripts of the panel discussions and three separate addresses by three major industry executives. Includes subsequent material obtained in follow-up interviews with panelists.
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