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How I Made $1,000,000 Trading Commodities Last Year
ISBN: 0930233107     Date Published: 1998-02-10     Author(s): Larry R. Williams
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This fascinating book is loaded with practical information designed to help you in the commodity market. The authors method...proven by his million dollar success...does not involve complicated math or subjective evaluation. There are two completely systematic methods R and Momentum. The essence fo these methods is that they tell you if the super powers are long or short when the super powers expect a major move to start what commodities are in true bull or bear markets when to start buying and when to sell for gargantuan profits. This book is a must if youre a stock or commodity trader. It will expose to you an exciting new approach to trading and thinking--the same approach that has made Larry Williams a millionaire.
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oh yeah? trade this!, November 14, 2002 ByJim Toole (Strongsville, OH) - See all my reviews This review is from: How I Made One Million Dollars ... Last Year ... Trading Commodities (Hardcover) Take the sections on price structure and open interest - throw the rest out if you like. You'll still have the most valuable trading book I've seen written to date. I see ten other reviews here, and only a couple mention OI's significance - mostly in passing. Very sad. Open interest's relationship with price action on a few levels deserves at least a few years of study, although it won't take you nearly that long for you to at least appreciate its importance the way it's presented in this book. This was the first market book I paid for as a market newbie in May '88. I still have fond memories of this basic OI move for OJ may 88, COP aug 88, PA oct 88, CT fall 88, COF dec 88, HO and HU summer 89. Try telling me again how worthless this book is...quit criticizing and study harder. The answers exist and much of it is humanly achievable. You're given a small morsel of it here and yet I see nothing but a ho hum response. That in itself is an interesting market lesson.
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Classics can't be ignored, March 5, 2003 BySuper Trader - See all my reviews This review is from: How I Made One Million Dollars ... Last Year ... Trading Commodities (Hardcover) This was the first book I bought about futures when I was 16. A whole new world open up before my eyes, and the credibility couldn't be paralleled turnin $10,000 into over 1.1 million in real time, no one has topped.Three years later I sat and passed my Series 3 commodities broker license. I still kept this book with me and used some of the practical approaches detailed in the book to help my clients trade more successfully.Now after being involved with futures for 11 continuous years as a broker, an investor, and the author of three futures books I still find myself referencing Larry Williams material. Unfortunately, others have a hard time accepting his methodologies and ideas. But if you have read MarketWizard by Schwager, none of those traders were alike. They traded with their own style, with their own risk tolerance, and most importantly with their own goals.That's why Williams' information should be used solely as a base for your own trade development and not as the...
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This book has benefit to anyone trading commodities, July 30, 1999 By A Customer This review is from: How I Made One Million Dollars ... Last Year ... Trading Commodities (Hardcover) As a graduate of the Ken Roberts course, I have a basic understanding of how the markets work. I have found that those who stick to the basics are the successful traders. Larry illustrates and explains the basics in this book. Premiums, Open Interest, and %R can be worth the purchase price if you put them to work for you. If you don't want to spend the $200 on Larry's course, this is a fairly good alternative.
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