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The Symmetry Wave Trading Method
ISBN: 0930233549     Date Published: 1993-04-01     Author(s): Michael Gur
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Reveals the authors private strategy for winning exceptionally high profits in both the stock and futures markets.
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Trading stocks and commodities, June 21, 2004 BySteve Johnson (Atlanta) - See all my reviews This review is from: The Symmetry Wave Trading Method (Hardcover) This book is an alternative to Elliott Wave theory. It is objective where as Elliott Wave theory is subjective. That is Elliott Wave changes its labeling of the price swings as the swings change. Whereas, Symmetry Wave being objective does not change its labeling of the price swings. It is a revolutionary idea that clusters correction of smaller sizes together to bring clarity to the price swings. Michael is the first person, publicly, to use Average True Range (ATR) for protective stop and profit target. I love using ATR as the stop method, because it uses the current volatility of the market to help me decide the profit target and the protective stop.
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Interesting Concept but not backed up by hard statistics, June 17, 2000 By"utahspeculator" - See all my reviews This review is from: The Symmetry Wave Trading Method (Hardcover) This book provided a number of interesting examples involving commodity market wave analysis, but in the end it seemed that there was a lot of ambiguity in the actual trading method. The book generates initial excitement by discussing perspective and problems with Elliot Wave Theory, and then goes on to discuss symetrical waves. While you can find many examples of symetrical waves in the markets, turning that identification into a winning, consistant strategy is very difficult, and I did not feel that this book provided specifics or statistics to back up the methodology. This was a relatively expensive addition to my library, and I didn't add anything to my trading toolkit.
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Title should be "Elliott Wave for Dummies, August 27, 2001 ByLee Morris (Orlando) - See all my reviews This review is from: The Symmetry Wave Trading Method (Hardcover) The Symmetry Wave by Michael Gur -I took advange of the slow day today to read the above, I found the book almost totally useless and a waste of time. The title should have been "Elliott wave for dummies". I was first attracted to it as I understood that he refuted the elliott wave - His arguments were not only wrong but showed his lack of understanding of even the basics of Elliott. Further, many of the very issues he wrongly condims Elliott for his Symmetry wave suffers from as well. In gereral he is just saying to buy as a market makes higher highs and sell when it makes lower lowes, the book shows little insight and is short and packed w/ full page charts to stuff the pages. After this glowing review if anyone is intrested in the book, and although it is out of print, you now know were to find a copy as THIS BOOK IS FOR me if you are intrested
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