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The Return Options Trading Strategy
ISBN: 0930233670     Date Published: 1999-02-19     Author(s): Jon Schiller
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Options are currently experiencing an unprecedented boom as investors and speculators begin to realize that-traded properly-these fascinating markets can offer unlimited upside potential with limited downside risk.
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Poor explanations of how to generate indicators, March 13, 2000 ByMarc D. Perlmutter "Book critic" (Long Island, New York) - See all my reviews Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: The 100% Return Options Trading Strategy (Hardcover) On p. 96-104 the author attempts to give spreadsheet formulas to compute stochastics, Welles Wilder RSI, and two other indicators he recommends. The formulas are outright wrong for the Stochastics %K-%D signal. Had someone proofread or even tried to recreate these in Excel, it would be blatantly obvious they are wrong. Upon contacting the author at his email address, he suggested that I pay him to receive the full version of the spreadsheet for several hundred dollars, rather than giving me the correction to the wrong information in his book. Also, on p. 78, the computations of the "safe" strike prices are based on erroneous data. I compared historic data from the time frame he references and it looks like he omitted data from August 1996 and just relabeled all of the rows so that the data from Nov-94 through Aug-96 is actually for Dec-94 through Jul-96. The Mar-97 MAX data appears suspect, being 10.33 rather than 10.25. The Aug-97 data for MAX and MIN...
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Not suitable for the beginner, February 11, 2000 ByGary Burt (Texas) - See all my reviews This review is from: The 100% Return Options Trading Strategy (Hardcover) Mr. Schiller has a PhD, but his book does not reflect much quality control went into its composition. There are missing figures, but yet referenced in the text. The book lacks an index. Several words are abbreviated, but there is no apparent explanation for them. I get the feeling this book went from first draft directly to publication. The hefty price is not justified. I am glad I only borrowed it from a library. The one purpose of the book seems to be to promote Excel spreadsheets he has created to track the OEX; and their prices are equally inflated. Why must you, Mr. Schiller, sell them from Spain? Isn't trading the OEX sufficiently profitable by itself?
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worst ever, February 1, 2000 ByCharles R. Burnett - See all my reviews This review is from: The 100% Return Options Trading Strategy (Hardcover) Non-conventional terminology. Worst book, on options, I've ever read
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