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Ultra-Reliable Seasonal Trades
ISBN: 0930233697     Date Published: 1999-10-01     Author(s): John Momsen
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Editorial Review - Book Description:
In this remarkable new book, career trader John Momsen has assembled the most profitable, accurate, and dependable seasonal trades the future markets have to offer.
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It's a keeper, July 17, 2000 By A Customer This review is from: Ultra-Reliable Seasonal Trades (Hardcover) it's a little different than most. Actually has entry orders on breakout of hi or lo of x number of days, and rules for placement of stoploss and raising of stoploss. Some trades have an exit on x date if not stopped out, some don't. Some trades are designed to catch a swing either way. He also writes a fundemental rational as to why each of these trades should work. Each trade, 41 in all, has a different set of rules, so I am sure there is some curve fitting done here. Some of the trades I would have never taken because a move was over and some trades should have been entered early by trend breakout. some trades were entering , take a loss and rentering at a worse position and taking a bigger loss. especially in the index's. One trade had an exhit date , so the trade ended, but technically the trade could have made much, much, "MUCH" more ( price kept going up and up.) But for test purposes I tried to stay true to the rules.All in all I enjoyed...
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Works for me, December 17, 1999 By A Customer This review is from: Ultra-Reliable Seasonal Trades (Hardcover) Momsen's methods are one of my two prime trading systems. They check out on Tradestation and are making money for me real-time. Doubtlessly one of the best seasonality books there is.
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past results are not reflective of future results, September 21, 2004 Bycfxmgr - See all my reviews This review is from: Ultra-Reliable Seasonal Trades (Hardcover) Has anyone followed the performance of these trades from 1998 on? I have tracked many of them and they are no where near as reliable or successful as past results, which is generally the case with hypothetical systems. I would like to hear any results/opinions of others who have checked how these trades have performed. Jon
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