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Trading Rule That Can Make You Rich Precision Bid Commodity Trading
ISBN: 0934380031     Date Published: 1979-06-01     Author(s): Edward D. Dobson
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Editorial Review - Book Description:

Discusses a simple, but effective system for timing market entry. Based on a technique used by the legendary W. D. Gann, who said of this method, "You can make a fortune by following this one rule alone!" Incorporates a technical trading rule, which utilizes a consistently competitive pattern of market behavior. Applies to all markets and to all time periods, whether short term (intraday), intermediate, or long term. Many traders have contacted us months after reading this book and told us it was one of the most useful books on trading they had ever read.

About the Author
Ed Dobson started trading stocks in junior high school in the 1950`s and moved on to futures in his senior year of college in 1966, losing $8000 of 80 cents-per-hour money -- "my initial payment to the school of hard knocks."

After serving in the Army in Vietnam, he joined Gerald Gold, author of one of the few books available on futures trading at the time, in 1970. Dobson was interested in spreads, but nothing had been published on that subject. So he went to the library to dig out price data in newspapers and charted spread differentials by hand, mostly for his own benefit.

After moving back to South Carolina where he was a broker for Harris, Upham and later Paine Webber, he decided to publish his spread chart book in 1975 to help solicit leads. TRADERS PRESS was born. He worked as a broker for 22 years before devoting himself solely to writing and managing his company. In 1979, an update of that book, a collection of Comtrend charts and "The Trading Rule That Can Make You Rich*" followed. REVIEW1: "This is a highly readable book that thoroughly demonstrates the consistent profitability of one little-known trading rule of a well-known trading legend, W. D. Gann. Although the rule is simplicity itself, Dobson gives it sufficient analysis, in bull and bear markets alike, to convince even the skeptical that they should at least give it a try. Indeed, Dobson calls it "The world`s simplest trading system (short of throwing darts)."

The anecdotes are refresing and believable, and the work, with the possible exception of the title itself which is borrowed from Gann, lacks the kind of sure-fire hysteria that marks so many `systems` books. In short, this is a worthy contribution to the literature of commodity trading - one that readily admits its shortcomings and makes no attempt at invincibility. On that score alone, it is worth reading." REVIEW1_SOURCE: George B. Angell, Author

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A Practical Manual, July 14, 2003 ByRichard Riggs (Hayward, CA USA) - See all my reviews This review is from: The Trading Rule That Can Make You Rich (Hardcover) Mr. Dobson's book gives practical advice on how to enter commodity or stock market positions using one of the simplest and perhaps most reliable tactics: buying or selling 50 percent retracements of major moves. If you believe that the simplest solutions are often the most effective, this book will delight you. It gives a step-by-step system for using the retracement rule to make profitable trades. If your are sometimes overwhelmed by myriad technical market indicators, implementing this simple approach can help cut through the fog of conflicting technical data.
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Recommended, January 11, 2008 ByArtFan (USA) - See all my reviews Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: The Trading Rule That Can Make You Rich (Hardcover) Beginning traders can save themselves a lot of time and grief by reading this book before they start. I sort of agree with the other reviewer who said they could have just found out about the rule online ... but I like this book because it provides context: it gives historical charts and provides additional useful materials.
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great idea, June 10, 2009 ByLeon - See all my reviews This review is from: The Trading Rule That Can Make You Rich (Hardcover) the 50% rule is known for years and was first introduced by Gann the book brings exact details how to use this rule in real trade and I loved the ideas presented.
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