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Profitable Grain Trading
ISBN: 093438004X     Date Published: 1991-10     Author(s): Ralph Ainsworth
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256 Pages
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Editorial Review - Book Description:

A classic on grain trading, this book is a virtual encyclopedia on all facets involved. Contains many technical trading systems and much market wisdom. Among Ainsworth`s proteges was Chester Keltner, still one of the best-known grain fundamental analysists in the country.

Just as other trading books from the era offer, Ainsworth gives a straight forward commentary of his own trading experiences and ideas.

Ainsworth, basically a fundamentalist, provides mostly technical trading material. Some of the rules in the book apparently came from a contest in which Ainsworth offered $500 for the best trading rules submitted by his subscribers. One method, Year Around Trading Plan in wheat and corn, increased a $30,000 account to more than $500,000 over 33 years, a return averaging $14,000 per year. He also gets into seasonal trends, short swing trading, the two-cent stop and many other rules that will interest traders.

Some of the material is out-of-date and price ranges today might make many of Ainsworth`s strategies impractical, but any visit with an old master is a good trip, and this book is an excellent addition to any modern grain trader`s shelf.

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Trading wisdom and advice galore, May 22, 2004 ByVince Heiker "tachyonv" (Flower Mound, TX USA) - See all my reviews This review is from: Profitable Grain Trading (Hardcover) An easy to read, enjoyable book, it offers interesting trading rules that can be adopted to trading any instruments - equities, commodities, futures - yes, even today. For me, the book is intriguing because of its historical documentation of how far along the development of trading rules, with back testing, had advanced, by 1932-1933.Some of the specific dollar values of the trading rules are no longer valid, but simply change those to reasonable variables.Author writes about what we now call breakouts, reversals, congestion and channeling trading strategies, in clear English. He examines whether stop losses work or not. He demonstrates, for his day and age, that because of commissions back then, that scaling in losing trades was a great way to blow a trading account away. He presents tables and copies of trading receipts to demonstrate how well various rules worked back then. Considering that his research was all by hand up through 1932, his efforts were...
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