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Futures Spread Trading The Complete Guide
ISBN: 0934380481     Date Published: 2000-05-03     Author(s): Courtney Smith
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Editorial Review - Book Description:
Spread trading is an integral part of the commodity futures marketplace, yet relatively little has been written about spreads. There are more fingers on one hand than books about spreads.

Most books present little more than a cursory look at spread analysis. This book concentrates on the analysis of spreads and spread price action. Spread analysis is aimed at the discovery and execution of profitable spread trades. The seasonal spread texts are simply one of the tools the spread analyst uses. Before this book, futures periodicals have provided most of the published material about spreads.

This book is like having an experienced spread trader mentor take you through his experiences and getting immediate answers. It is like attending a spread seminar headed by experts. It really provides answers.

Courtney provides basic spread analysis techniques which stimulate readers to do their own research. Another goal of this book is to increase interest in spreads and provide the marketplace of ideas with a larger supply of spread trading analysts.

Mr. Smith’s techniques will not make you a millionaire overnight. It didn’t do it for him. On the other hand, these techniques have provided significant profits when most traders were taking losses. Each reader of this book will acquire something different from it. Some traders will be attracted to the technical analysis, while others will prefer the fundamental and statistical analysis.

The key to the successful use of this book lies in trying the methods outlined. Only through experience can traders understand what is being said. After reading this book, traders will must find the method they feel is the most profitable and best fits their perspective on the market, the one they feel most comfortable with.
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Spread textbook, November 6, 2001 By-oo0(GoldTrader)0oo- (Honolulu) - See all my reviews This review is from: Futures Spread Trading: The Complete Guide (Hardcover) Courtney Smith's textbook is specifically and comprehensive about spreads. His whole book is about spreads and nothing but spreads. Probably the most useful Spread book from the fundamental perspective.He has a lot to teach there is a lot to learn. It is the kind of book you'll keep in your spread-trading library. But will not by itself excite you to get up and trade. It is comprehensive in that it stays on the subject like a dog with a bone, unlike Schwager's books that are all over the futures game. He has a lot of experience and is well known in the field of spreads. This book is in my top ten Spread Traders library.
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Well worth it!, November 7, 2005 BySu (PA, USA) - See all my reviews Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Futures Spread Trading: The Complete Guide (Hardcover) This book is great for the beginner who knows nothing at all about spreads but who desires to learn and also for the intermediate trader who wants a greater depth of knowledge. The information is quite comprehensive, and presented in language that is very readable. This book help me get an understanding of the fundamentals behind markets. It belongs in the library of every trader.
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Definitely not the complete guide., February 18, 2011 ByCornHead - See all my reviews Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Futures Spread Trading: The Complete Guide (Hardcover) This book provides little more than a pedestrian introduction to commodity spreads. The book includes quite a bit of information that would best be left to other tomes: introduction to least squares regression (you would do better to use a Statistics 101 book), development of a trading system (get a book on trading systems/methods...), etc. The only material that I thought carried unique insight was the brief portion on EuroDollar Futures. There was only shallow discussion on analysis of futures patterns, or market tendencies. This book would only be useful if you know NOTHING about spreads.
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