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The Best of the Professional Traders Journal Options Trading and Volatility Trading
ISBN: 0965046176     Date Published: 2000-02     Author(s): David Landry, Laurence A. Connors
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55 Pages
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Editorial Review - Book Description:

97% of options traders lose money. Professional trader Larry Connors shares his best options trading strategies with you to help you avoid being just another losing trader. By exploiting stock splits and pricing inefficiencies as well as applying his own strategy, the Connors VIX Reversal, Larry delivers 4 powerful options methodologies that move the odds decidedly in your favor. In addition, Larry also provides you with the latest research on the little-known, but powerful indicator, historical volatility. From concept to action, Larry explains to you step-by-step how to best use historical volatility to conquer the futures, stock, and options markets.
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