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Futures for Small Speculators
ISBN: 0966624548     Date Published: 2002-04-01     Author(s): Noble DraKoln
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Enlightened Financial Press
106 Pages
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Editorial Review - Book Description:

In Futures For Small Speculators you can:

Overcome the trading demons of Fear and Greed.

Learn the significant differences between speculation and gambling.

Make money management essential to your Futures trading success.

Develop a personalized Futures Trading Plan just like the winners.

Understand how keeping a Trading Journal can improve your trading.

Use full service brokers to your advantage.

This one-of-a-kind book holds the keys to how investors with $15,000 or less, to put at risk, can be satisfied with their futures trading, whether they win or lose.

From the Author
We are in one of the most volatile investing periods of the last 50 years. Interest rates are at a 41 year low. We are at war in the middle east, so oil prices are wildly fluctuating. The European Union has formed. They have brought the European Currency to rival the US Dollars international dominance. Investors have lost over $1 trillion dollars in stock equity with the dotcom burst. Plus 67% of United States citizens can no longer afford to retire. The old safe havens of value, gold and silver, are MIA. Every month US economic forecast predict fewer jobs and more unemployment.

What is the average investor supposed to do?


I have been involved with Futures and Commodities investing for 11 years. In volatile times like this the only way to survive is to face them head on.

Futures can be a great tool. That`s where my book comes in. Futures For Small Speculators was written for investors with large stock investments, IRAs, 401ks, etc., who only want to use a small amount of money to learn futures.

When you learn and follow the rules outlined in this book the transition from a small speculator to large speculator will be seamless. Futures will simply make sense.

Read my book. If you have any questions write to me via the publisher. Your success is important to me. I will personally answer every reasonable question you ask.

Futures are not just your grandfather`s porkbellies. While the average investor was watching his investments dwindle. Wall Street used Dow Jones, S&P, and NASDAQ Futures contracts to protect themselves! Buy my book today, to enhance your knowledge and put yourself on equal footing with Wall Street. Isn`t that what we all want, a fair chance?

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Elementary informatiom, April 21, 2003 BySheldon Lawrence (Guyton, GA United States) - See all my reviews This review is from: Futures for Small Speculators (Paperback) I purchased this book based on the author's notes. Upon receipt, I was very disappointed. For the most part, the information provided can be gotten from free publications available from any commodities exchange for the asking. The text is double spaced and chapters are one or two pages long. Considering the asking price, this is not a good investment.
5 of 5 People found the following review helpful.

An honest explanation of futures, May 3, 2003 ByMichael Payne (Signal Hill, CA USA) - See all my reviews This review is from: Futures for Small Speculators (Paperback) As a novice investor, I found this book to be a valuable learning tool. The fundamentals are simply explained in a step-by-step approach. One source of an investor's fear is ignorance of the subject matter, and this book successfully enlightens the beginning futures speculator. In particular, I found the author's honesty regarding the subject to be refreshing. Most publications in this genre present "can't miss schemes" or "can't miss systems". The author here gives equal weight to the rewards, as well as the risks, which is rarely found.
4 of 4 People found the following review helpful.

Refreshing look at a powerful financial tool, January 31, 2003 BySalim Jordan (Los Angeles, CA USA) - See all my reviews This review is from: Futures for Small Speculators (Paperback) Mr. DraKoln should be applauded for bringing sanity to the futures market. He has stripped away the high pressure, grandiosity of a very powerful financial tool and in the process brought sanity to trading. The author acknowledges that there are risks and the opportunity for huge rewards in trading futures. Most of us know that, although he doesn't presume anything and makes his book understandable by the novice and new investor. But by bringing higher standards to trading, Mr. DraKoln, in my opinion, is set to revolutionize the way futures are traded. He advises the would-be speculator to take a measured, sane approach by using such techniques as creating a Futures Trading Plan and keeping a Futures Trading Journal. In a nutshell, the Plan is the road map to where you want to go and the Journal is your experience having taken the journey. The benefits of trading in this fashion are too numerous to list, but the greatest I suspect, as the author admonishes, is to keep the...
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