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Tom Dorseys Trading Tips A Playbook for Stock Market Success
ISBN: 1576600777     Date Published: 2001-01-15     Author(s): Thomas J Dorsey, Watson H Wright
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Bloomberg Press
256 Pages
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Invaluable insights and techniques for trading from a consummate market pro. What accounts for the loyalty and zeal of Tom Dorsey`s book-buying devotees? What traders and investors want is what Dorsey gives them--the tools for making the right decisions--not theory or an overly complex trading "system." Tom Dorsey`s Trading Tips draws upon the collective wisdom of Dorsey and his colleagues--whose closely followed newsletter and Web site provide a daily education of insights and research to legions of brokers and investors. Tom Dorsey receives constant feedback from traders who have built their success with Dorsey`s techniques, so he knows that his strategies work. Tom Dorsey`s Trading Tips includes invaluable coaching on the general market, point-and-figure charting techniques, options strategies, as well as a portfolio of other valuable topics. And Dorsey`s tips are simple to apply: self-contained, well chosen, tested strategies that can be confidently mastered because he has made them crystal clear, and shows his readers exactly when and how to use them. This book condenses the author`s most useful stock-and-option trading techniques in a highly accessible, conveniently organized playbook format that readers can and will easily consult again and again.

* Razor-sharp, proven insights on how to make the right trading decisions
* Sound advice from the Dorsey Wright & Associates newsletter that brokers depend on
* Solid guidance on how to make consistent money in all market conditions
* Proven key technical approaches to investment success

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Tips for investors looking to succeed in today`s market, offering a technical analysis and a disciplined approach for making the right plays, time after time. Shows how to understand and observe the market, how to evaluate reward vs risk and how to manage investments once they are made. DLC: Stocks.

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Highly Recommended!, September 19, 2001 ByRolf Dobelli "getAbstract" (Switzerland) - See all my reviews This review is from: Tom Dorsey's Trading Tips: A Playbook for Stock Market Success (Hardcover) Honestly, there are not too many books in the personal investing genre that we'd recommend for serious investment advice. But if you're a serious investor considering a venture into short-term trading (formerly known as day-trading), you'll benefit from the wisdom, mind-boggling detail and dizzying array of charts presented here. Tom Dorsey likens good investment advice to a sports playbook that a coach can follow through the twists and turns of the game. The plays and strategies that they outline will be valuable for novices, but we [...] figure that they will challenge trading veterans as well. You need to do some homework (like following the indices and making charts) to work with this book. Dorsey and crew urge you to learn stock-market basics, govern your emotions, understand the psychology that drives investors and avoid common mistakes, like investing based on trends and hot tips. And, don't mind their sports jargon; it's just a framework to make the uninitiated feel...
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A Playbook of X's and O's, September 1, 2005 ByThomas Mongle (Houston) - See all my reviews This review is from: Tom Dorsey's Trading Tips: A Playbook for Stock Market Success (Hardcover) With "Tom Dorsey's Trading Tips," Mr. Dorsey accomplished two things: he wrote a great brochure for his money management/investment advisory firm, Dorsey, Wright, & Associates, plus he imparted some excellent investing advice along the way. His background as Director of Option Strategy at Wheat, First Securities, and his long-time professional work with point & figure charts combine to give the seasoned investor an excellent playbook for approaching the stock market with enough education to come out a winner. This is an excellent book not only for the work Dorsey has done with point and figure charts (his bread and butter), but also for the insights he gives on sector investing, relative strength, momentum, and options. His discussion of the logic behind relative strength is second to none, and morphs nicely into sector rotation. This is the way the stock market basically works, and investors would do well to listen closely to Dorsey's well-reasoned explanations...
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Outlines the Dorsey Wright Approach Very Well, September 27, 2005 ByKenneth Kiefer "Ken Kiefer" (Woodbury, MN USA) - See all my reviews This review is from: Tom Dorsey's Trading Tips: A Playbook for Stock Market Success (Hardcover) Tom Dorsey and the other authors run the Dorsey, Wright & Associates investment advisory service. This book does a very good job of outlining and reviewing the point and figure based investment approaches they use. I am an individual investor and have been subscribing to their service for two years. This book gives a good review of their overall "game plan" for making money during the good times, and preserving it in the downturns. I'd recommend it to other DWA subscribers. Additionally, this book is much easier to read than Tom's point and figure book. This book is well edited and sticks to the topic. While this book may be of interest to non-subscribers, the bullish percent and relative strength techniques presented are specific to the DWA methodology and subscription web site.
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