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Profit in the Futures Markets! Insights and Strategies for Futures and Futures Options Trading
ISBN: 1576601188     Date Published: 2002-06-15     Author(s): Jake Bernstein, Jacob Bernstein
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Bloomberg Press
288 Pages
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Editorial Review - Book Description:
Futures trading, for many years the domain of floor traders and other market professionals, was long considered either too risky or too sophisticated for individual investors. However, due to current technology that capitalizes on formerly inaccessible data and research, this vast trading arena holds great promise for astute investors who seek to hedge their market risk and leverage small investments into substantial profits. Profit in the Futures Markets! provides new and seasoned investors alike with practical tools and techniques for understanding and operating successfully in the world of futures trading. In order to succeed, traders will need to know about specific types of analysis, technology, and patterns that can lead to profits, and this book shows how to use this information to best advantage. In addition, investors will discover how to improve their trading strategies by understanding and building upon their own style and developing a specialized plan for success based on their individual needs and abilities. Investors interested in expanding into the world of futures need look no further than this easy-to-read, insight-filled guide. Bernstein, the author of more than 35 books, is a trusted and instructive voice in this sometimes intimidating and elusive, yet potentially lucrative, marketplace.

An Essential Guide for Enlightening Investors • Debunks the myths that until recently have prevented many individual investors from trading in the futures markets • Covers virtually all important aspects of the subject, from the mechanics of trading to advanced strategies and techniques, including futures options and online trading • Reveals the importance of futures as an essential tool for capitalizing on price swings and market volatility • Instructs on discipline and money management—How to trade like a pro • Illustrated with numerous charts and graphs
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Highly Recommended!, January 21, 2003 ByRolf Dobelli "getAbstract" (Switzerland) - See all my reviews This review is from: Profit in the Futures Markets!: Insights and Strategies for Futures and Futures Options Trading (Hardcover) Author Jake Bernstein puts an exclamation point in his title but fills his pages with abundant cautions, caveats and confessions. This is a voice deepened by an endearing hubris, a Dutch uncle lecturing his aspiring nephews on the dangers of speculation in futures, knowing the dumb ones should be appropriately daunted and the smart ones will hear his wily insinuations that this can actually be a very good thing, if they get it. If you are a successful securities investor thinking about speculating, this will make you keep your eggs in several baskets, even though the author shares hundreds of tips. If you wonder about the significance of puts and calls, hedges and options, this is a useful, precise and unambiguous lesson. Futures trading is not an investment; it is high risk speculation. Each trading strategy requires substantial time and money, and even the best fail half the time. We from getAbstract recommend this book to investors who need a Dutch uncle to quell their urge to risk...
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Profit in the Futures Markets, September 23, 2002 ByB.G. / Eastern Research & Trading (Singapore) - See all my reviews This review is from: Profit in the Futures Markets!: Insights and Strategies for Futures and Futures Options Trading (Hardcover) This comprehensive and well written work is one of the best new contributions to trading for years. You can actually learn real, objective and valuable lessons (from this book), which is quite a rare find. Destined to become one of the basic tools in every trader and market student's library. Not just another re-write of someone else's earlier work, like most books on commodities.
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