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Understanding Futures Markets (Understanding Futures Markets)
ISBN: 1577180658     Date Published: 1997-08-11     Author(s): Robert W. Kolb
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552 Pages
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"Understanding"??, March 17, 2008 ByReana Iovina "Reana" (NY, USA) - See all my reviews Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Understanding Futures Markets (Paperback) I doubt anyone will understand futures markets after reading this book... I got it only because it was required for the class and I don't like the way the material is presented, the book is very confusing, there are not enough of problems and even those few that are there are too simplistic. Before my exam I beleive I learnt the book by heart and it didn't help me at the actual exam... I wouldn't recommend this text book!
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